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How to Go From Paycheck to Purpose

Do you feel like you’re settling for a job that doesn’t bring you joy? How about a job that drains you of joy? Or maybe you love your career field but you feel like you’ll never move up that ladder.

If that’s you, you’re definitely not alone. Our Ramsey State of Work Study shows that 59% of American workers say the COVID-19 pandemic has changed what they value about a job or career. It’s no secret that the pandemic brought a lot of those feelings out into the open—and 55% of workers said they’re considering changing jobs because of it.

And the truth is, if you’re working a soul-sucking job that you dread going to every day, you should be eyeing the door. You were born to do work you love! And it’s possible to find a career or promotion that brings you purpose and a good paycheck—no matter where you’re starting from.

But . . . how do you get started on the journey to meaningful work? Bestselling author Ken Coleman walks you on a step-by-step path in his new book, From Paycheck to Purpose.

How to Go From Paycheck to Purpose

I’m five years away from 40. My career isn’t going anywhere. I’ve wasted so much of my life!

That’s how Ken Coleman remembers feeling a decade ago. He writes about his comfortable suburban life with his family in the Atlanta suburbs. He owned a little business that was doing okay, but it was just a job. He knew he had so much to be grateful for, and yet, Ken says his lack of passion and purpose was keeping him up at night.

So, at 35 years old, he decided to go after his dream job in broadcasting—a career he knew nothing about. Fast-forward to now: Ken has his own syndicated radio show—The Ken Coleman Show—where he teaches and encourages others to find their passion and get promoted.

As America’s Career Coach, Ken isn’t keeping any of his steps to career success a secret. He writes about the seven stages to finding a meaningful role in From Paycheck to Purpose, so you’ll learn step by step how to:

  1. Get Clear on the work you were born to do and why.
  2. Get Qualified to do the work you were created for.
  3. Get Connected with the right people who can open the doors to your dream.
  4. Get Started by overcoming the emotions and mistakes that often hold people back.
  5. Get Promoted by developing winning habits and traits.
  6. Get Your Dream Job by doing work you love and accomplishing results that matter to you.
  7. Give Yourself Away by expanding the dream to make your mark on the world.

If you’re thinking, Well, that’s great for Ken, but that won’t ever work for me—think again. Ken shares testimonies from other people he’s helped through these same stages. This stuff really works.

On the other hand, maybe you’re looking at those stages and scratching your head, wondering what they even mean. Don’t worry—Ken takes an entire chapter (or two!) to carefully define and explain each stage, spelling out exactly what you need to do. There may even be a few journal prompts and writing assignments to help you get absolutely clear on what you need to do—so get those pencils sharpened!

At the end of the day, feeling stuck in your career is a choice—and you can change it. It doesn’t matter if you’re 19 or 49. You were made for more, and it’s time you discover how to achieve it. Get From Paycheck to Purpose today!

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