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When Someone Is Already Doing the Thing You Want to Do

I was standing at the front of the crowd of 100 people and using the bookstore cordless phone PA system as my microphone. I had just signed all of their books, and we were hanging out for an informal coaching and Q&A session. One woman raised her hand and said, “What do I do if someone is already doing the thing I want to do?”

This didn’t just happen at one book signing. It happened at every book signing. It doesn’t matter which city we were in or which book store we were hosting the signing at, the question was the same. It’s a great question and one that many people have. When business experts write that you must have something brand new that’s earth shattering and has never been done before, the pressure only increases.  So what’s the answer? Is the market too “saturated?”

Here’s what I told the women that asked me that question at our book signings.

I said, “Look around you. There are thousands—maybe hundreds of thousands—of books in this bookstore. Yet you are standing here holding mine. Why is that? I believe it’s because God has given me a group of people that only I can help. I believe there’s a group of people that God has entrusted me with that need what I have to offer. And the same is true for you.”

And friends, the same is true for you.

So other people are doing what you want to do? So what? They don’t have your unique voice, talent, perspective, style and experience that you bring to your business and your customers. Only you have that.

There’s no one else that can do what you can do like you can do it. As my friend Jessica Principe says, “No one can execute on your dream like you can.”

So don’t get distracted by other people doing their thing, because I promise you, there’s room for you too. Go for it—not only for you, but because there are people that need you to. There’s a group of people that God has for you that only you can help. There’s a group of people that need what you have to offer—right now, today.

So is the market too saturated? Nah. There’s a hole in the market and it’s got your name on it.

There are people that are waiting and they are waiting for you.

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Christy Wright

About the author

Christy Wright

Christy Wright is a #1 national bestselling author, personal development expert and host of The Christy Wright Show. She’s been featured on Today, Fox News, and in Entrepreneur and Woman’s Day magazines.  Learn More.

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