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$2 Million of Debt Paid Off: A Coach's Personal Goal

Have you ever wanted to help people with their finances, just like Dave? Even Dave Ramsey started Ramsey Solutions as a financial coach. Maybe you’ve thought with just the right motivation you could start your own business and learn how to change people’s lives in the process. Meet one coach who is doing just that. 

Justin’s Story

As a full-time financial coach in Ames, Iowa, Justin B. has conducted thousands of coaching sessions, has inspired his clients to pay off over $4 million of debt throughout his coaching career, and is on track to hit his 2019 goal. And it’s a big one: Help his clients pay off $2 million of debt this year alone.

Before you start getting ahead of us, we need you to hear this: Justin didn’t do this overnight. He’s put in years of hard work. To say Justin is passionate about helping people win with money is an understatement. Who could blame him? Justin grew up watching his close family work in the banking industry and help members of their communities with their money. Naturally, he wanted to follow in their footsteps. 

“My original goal was to follow in my grandfather’s and uncle’s footsteps as lifelong community bankers,” said Justin. “Both were positive influences in their community, helping anyone, regardless of their financial status in life.” Justin wanted to mirror his family’s passion and help others make wise financial decisions. 

By his mid-twenties, Justin had worked his way to the top. In fact, he became the vice president of a community bank. Pretty great, right? But the truth is, his own personal finances weren’t in order. After he and his wife had their financial “I’ve had it!” moment, they jumped headfirst into leading Financial Peace University (FPU) groups in their community. It wasn’t long before they were hooked on helping people win with money. Over the years, Justin and his wife coordinated 17 FPU groups (yup, you heard us right!). But for Justin, this was just the tip of the iceberg. “I knew it was time to get out of banking and into helping people the same way that Dave does,” he said.

“Justin helped us get on the same page about the largest area of disagreement in our marriage. As a pastor, I’m thankful for Justin’s work for my marriage and my family.” — Matt & Nancy H.

He wanted to help his community on an even deeper level. That’s when he decided to take the next step and became a financial coach, just like Dave. Justin registered for Dave’s program—Financial Coach Master Training (FCMT). But it wasn’t easy. Justin had to break through barriers (like fear) that were holding him back from pursuing his dream of financial coaching. 

Punching Fear in the Face

“My biggest fear in becoming a financial coach was not knowing how I was going to charge a fee to those already struggling to make ends meet,” said Justin. But he didn’t let his biggest fear get in the way of helping others. It’s been almost 10 years since he completed his financial coach training and started his business. 

Maybe you’re facing similar fears. Some people say FEAR is just an acronym for false evidence appearing real. Fear is tricky and will do everything it can to steal from the truth. So, let’s bust up some of those fears you might be holding onto, shall we? Let’s start with Justin’s biggest fear: 

Fear #1: How can I charge a fee when people are broke?

Truth: Broke people still find a way to pay for the things they really want: the cable bill, Netflix and Hulu, and their favorite restaurants. But there’s dignity in choice. So when you charge for your services, you’re offering people an opportunity to make a better choice. You’re also offering them a chance to invest in themselves and gain a huge return on that investment. You can charge for that one-hour coaching session and know you’re truly making a difference. One hour with you is much better than cable TV any day!

“As a single mom, I have paid off $24,271.80 in one year! I don’t think I have had this much confidence in my life.” — Shawna R. 

Fear #2: I don’t have a background in finance, doesn’t that disqualify me from becoming a financial coach? 

Truth: It’s true that Dave Ramsey and Justin both have backgrounds in finance. But that doesn’t mean they had their finances together. You may have heard that Dave’s story involves declaring bankruptcy and climbing his way back to the top. And Justin? He was the vice president of a bank but still dealing with his own personal finance issues all the time. For Dave and Justin, their mess became the catalyst for their message. Our financial coaches come from all walks of life with many different backgrounds—from stay-at-home moms to Navy SEALs and more. The best part? You don’t need a degree or background in finance! We provide all the training you need to succeed. 

Fear #3: Is there really a need for more financial coaches?

Truth: Go ahead and punch that one straight in the face. Of course there’s a need! You just  read about all the debt Justin has helped his clients knock out in Iowa alone. But there’s more work to be done. In fact, a recent survey tells us that 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.(1) That means 256 million people are on the struggle bus each month because they’re letting their dollars boss them around. 


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So, what’s holding you back? What is standing in your way of taking the next step and helping people in your community?  

The World Needs You

There is a tremendous need in the world for more financial coaches. In fact, people are literally taking their debt to the grave. A recent study states that 73% of Americans are dying with an average debt of $61,554.(2) That’s the opposite of leaving a legacy! The article goes on to say the best way to keep debt from making a “mess of your estate” is to stay out of it. We totally agree. It’s time to break that ugly cycle—and you can help! 

Just like Justin, maybe you’ve led your fair share of Financial Peace University groups and are ready to help your community on a whole new level. Or maybe you’ve always been passionate about helping people and this is your next right step. 

Financial Coach Master Training will give you the credibility and confidence you need to start your own financial coaching business. You’ll get the teaching and tools you need to change your community one coaching session at a time. If you’re ready to start your side business or maybe even your full-time venture, financial coaching is for you. Watch our free webinar to learn how you can take helping your community to the next level.

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