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Secrets to Becoming a Successful Financial Coach

Greg Pare has helped his clients pay off nearly $13 million in debt since he became a financial coach more than a decade ago. Eye to eye, kneecap to kneecap, the Lubbock, TX-based coach conducts over 100 coaching sessions a month, guiding clients over financial hurdles on their path to financial peace.

But Greg, a graduate of Financial Coach Master Training (FCMT), didn’t start out leading 100 sessions a month. Instead, each day, he reached for a tried-and-true recipe for success: good, old-fashioned hard work and a desire to help others, one person at a time.

Read on for more of Greg’s tips to creating a coaching practice and what it looks like to fail your way to success.

What’s your secret to success?

It’s the old work ethic thing. I’ve started three businesses from scratch. I’ve always said to myself that no matter what stage the business is in, do one thing each day that would further the growth of the business. It might be just one phone call, one handshake, one written document, one web tweak or one email.

And guess what? Those might all be bad ideas. But eventually, you’ll fail your way to success if you keep trying enough things.

What is one characteristic every coach should possess?

I pride myself on availability. Most new clients are coming to us afraid, embarrassed, unsure, seeking, and even broken in some cases. They don’t want a callback in four hours. They don’t want a cold email the next day. They want hope and encouragement right now.

Availability comes also in the ease of scheduling, rescheduling, and filling out the paper work. We need to be user-friendly.

What’s your best advice for other coaches?

Get in the trenches with your clients. If you’re simply making recommendations but not willing to do the work with them, they don’t need you. Recommendations are available on the web.

Work with your clients. Sweat with them. Laugh with them. Cry with them. And most importantly, celebrate with them.

What are some of the victories you’ve had as a coach?

The best victories are the notes and emails from clients who have told me that I saved their marriage or changed their lives forever. I didn’t do the work. They did. At last year’s Enrichment, one of the guest speakers mentioned that we play the part of Yoda from Star Wars. I’ll take that! The clients are doing the fighting, but we coaches get to offer encouragement and watch them win.

Like Greg, if you’ve got the heart of a teacher, then put that purpose to work through financial coaching. Financial Coach Master Training, our online financial coaching program, walks you through 14 power-packed lessons that give you everything you need to become a successful financial coach.

Whether you’ve found financial peace or are still on the way there yourself, you can help someone else. You can show others how to get out of debt, save for the future, and win with money.

Ready to bring hope to others? Sign up for the next live webinar to find out everything you need to know about FCMT.

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