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Wedding Gift Ideas

Do you hear it? The wedding bells are ringing! Soon, you’ll be celebrating love, stuffing your face with wedding cake, and doing the chicken dance in front of family and friends.

But first—you have to shop for a wedding gift.

That part isn’t always easy. You’ve got to think about your budget, the couple and the meaningful nature of the present too.

Don’t worry. With this list of wedding gift ideas, you can find an awesome present and get back to practicing your moves for the dance floor.

8 Wedding Gift Ideas

1. Shop the registry.

Okay, we’ll start with the obvious. If the couple has a registry, check it out. Yes, buying hand towels is pretty boring, but they asked for those hand towels for a reason. (Probably because they need hand towels.) So don’t look down your nose at giving the couple a wedding gift they specifically requested.

2. Give a future date night.

Pre-wedding, couples usually like to go out together. That’s just part of the getting-to-know-each-other process. After the honeymoon, though, it’s easy to get into a daily routine that doesn’t include dates.


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Encourage some romance by gifting a future date night package. A gift card to dinner and a board game. A bottle of bubbly and a pack of conversation starters. Movie tickets and a gift certificate to a local dessert spot. Stick it in a bag, basket or envelope, and ta-da—they’ve got a free date night.

3. Put their name on it.

A personalized wedding gift is pretty much always a great idea. Get their last name and/or wedding date etched on a cutting board, matching tumblers or a wooden plaque. Every time they see it, they’ll be reminded of their special day.

4. Contribute to the honeymoon fund.

The average honeymoon cost these days? $5,000.1 (Yeah, wedding costs in general can be super expensive.)

If the couple has a honeymoon fund on their website or registry, giving money to it is a great wedding gift. You’ll help the newlyweds cover the costs of their first vacation as a married couple. It’s romantic, useful and kind.

5. Give gift cards or cash.

Hey, they’ve already (hopefully) been working hard on making and keeping their wedding budget. What if you could help them lower some of their wedding expenses or their future everyday expenses?

A gift card to a place like Amazon, Target or a grocery store isn’t lame. It’s a fantastic way to help them decorate their home or stock their pantry. Or, consider giving them cash to spend wherever they want! Because cash is king—even of wedding gifts.

6. Sign them up for a fun subscription box.

If you know a hobby or interest the couple shares, you can gift a year-long subscription to a box or service they’d love. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and the couple will be reminded of your generosity and care multiple times that first year!

7. Create a unique recipe book.

Okay, we’re not talking about printing a bunch of instructions off the internet and throwing them in a three-ring binder. We’re about to get really intentional here.

What if you gathered favorite recipes from friends and family into one recipe book or box for the couple? Sharing Grandmama’s German chocolate cake in her own handwriting is priceless. Price. Less. It’s a treasure that also serves as a practical way to help the couple meal plan and answer the eternal nightly question, “What do you want to eat?”

8. Give a wedding gift that makes an impact.

If you want to go next-level with your wedding gift, skip the stuff that collects dust and give something that makes an impact.

Our research shows money is the number one thing couples argue about. But it doesn’t have to be! Help those newlyweds avoid the fights early on with the Ramsey+ Marriage Bundle. They’ll learn how to open the lines of communication about money, make a plan for their future, and start making real progress toward their dreams. Together.

Okay, now that you’ve got eight great ideas, you’re ready to find the perfect gift. Remember, the heart of it all is to think about the couple. They’re starting their lives together, and you get to take some part in that! What an honor. Keep this in mind as you pick out a gift that might be practical or personal or impactful—but will totally be the perfect way to say congratulations to the bride and groom. 

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