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11 Inexpensive and Priceless Ways to Thank Your Mom

Mothers deserve thanks every day of the year. They work hard, take care of the family, and are always ready to give a hug! Since Mother’s Day is around the corner, we put together a list of special gifts for Mom to show how much we care.

Showing your mom you appreciate her doesn’t mean you have to buy the priciest flower bouquet and strain your budget, though. People forget that sometimes. For someone who is watching their spending, a sentimental gift can be inexpensive and work wonders!

If you’re looking for a present that means a lot without costing a lot, look no further. Here are 11 budget-friendly ways to say "Thank you" to your mom this Mother’s Day.

1. Make bath salts.

Hop on Pinterest and see what bath salts or scrubs you can create. Add some cuteness by putting them in a jar decorated by the grandkids.

2. Visit an art workshop or pottery studio together.

Paint a picture or decorate a coffee mug side by side with your mother. The cost is low, but the memory is priceless.

3. Make her favorite dessert.

Does mom love triple-chocolate chip cookies or the peppermint cake you made last Christmas? Bake some sweet treats for her.

4. Plant flowers.

Put the warm weather to good use! Buy some marigolds, snapdragons or zinnias and plant them for your mom—or with her. It’s a great way to spend time together.

5. Give a homemade coupon book.

Create slips of paper with special offers to clean mom’s house or spend an afternoon with her. Coupons are redeemable at any time and have no expiration date!

6. Cook her favorite meal from scratch.

Bring the ingredients over to your mother’s house and let her savor the aroma of her favorite dinner being prepared. As a bonus, wash the dishes for her when you’re done eating.

7. Take her on a picnic.

Pack some sandwiches, grab a blanket, and head to the park for a leisurely lunch. Top the afternoon off by grabbing dessert on the way home.

8. Have the grandkids make personalized cards.

Break out the scissors, crayons and construction paper and have your children create special cards for grandma. She can stick them on her fridge and smile whenever she sees them.

9. Have a movie night.

Record a couple of mom’s favorite flicks and invite her over for a double feature. Don’t forget the popcorn!

10. Do an extreme car makeover.

Ask to borrow mom’s car for the day. Give the vehicle a wash and wax, vacuum the seats and floor mats, and maybe even fill ’er up or change the oil. Then surprise her when you return home.

11. Give her homemade scented candles.

Make some candles and add your mom’s favorite scents. It’s simple to do and has a personal touch. Win-win!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to say thanks to your mom. In fact, many of these gifts give you the chance to spend something even more valuable—time. That’s the best way to show love . . . which is the most meaningful gift of all.

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