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No hidden fees. No hidden agendas.
Just online filing that’s budget friendly.

Why Ramsey SmartTax?

Life is unpredictable. But taxes shouldn’t be. That’s why Ramsey SmartTax is designed to help you win with money and taxes.

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File Online With Confidence

Ramsey SmartTax is easy to use, always up to date and has built-in support. So you can feel confident filing your own taxes.

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No Hidden Fees

Everything is included for your federal tax return at a low, up-front price. Why? Because nobody likes being surprised with add-on fees.

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Maximized Savings

If you’re like most people who switch from the leading competitor, you could save $60 to $120 when you file your federal return online.


I have used Ramsey SmartTax for the last two years. It was so easy and so affordable. I used the help line that was included and had answers to my questions right away. If you’re looking for an easy way to do your tax returns, Ramsey SmartTax is it!

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I have used Ramsey SmartTax for the last two years. It was so easy and so affordable. I used the help line that was included and had answers to my questions right away. If you’re looking for an easy way to do your tax returns, Ramsey SmartTax is it!

Save Big on Your Tax Software

Ramsey SmartTax gives you two easy ways to file your taxes online. With Federal Classic, you get all the forms and deductions you need. And at only $20 more, Federal Premium gives you priority-level support for your questions. Switch today and you could save up to 80% compared to the leading competitor. ​​​​​​​

Need a state return? Ramsey SmartTax can do that too. The cost to file a state return is $40, whether you choose Federal Classic or Federal Premium.

* Information on TurboTax® products came from the TurboTax website on November 30, 2021, and is subject to change. See the TurboTax website for their full details, including any other exclusions and additional costs.

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Find your promo code in the benefits section of your Ramsey+ account—and save it. Then, enter the promo code into Ramsey SmartTax at the end of the filing process.

More Ways We're Different

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Low up-front pricing

With us, you won’t be surprised by the cost when you’re knee-deep in the filing process. Our pricing starts low and stays low. No hidden fees allowed.

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No Hidden Agenda

A lot of the other guys make money by offering you loans and credit cards. We’ll never do that because we want you to win with money and taxes.

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Simple Choices

Both Ramsey SmartTax options cover all the federal forms and deductions, even if you’re self-employed. The main difference is the level of support.

Don't Just Take it From Us

See what other people like you have to say . . .

Tommy P.
“I used it this year, it was also my first time filing my taxes without having someone to do it for me. The process was painless and everything was step by step.” 

Tommy P.

Lisa F.
“I used it and loved it way better than [leading competitor], which is my usual go-to for taxes! I received my tax return within a week of filing! So glad Dave [Ramsey] came out with this product!” 

Lisa F.

Santi M.
“Super simple, and half the price of [leading competitor]. I had a question and support was prompt and helpful. Loved it!

Santi M.

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Get organized with our tax prep checklists.

Use them to gather what you’ll need so you can file with ease.

How It Works

Step One: Register or Log in

It’s free to create your Ramsey SmartTax account.

Step Two: Enter Your Tax Info

Just follow the guided steps.

Step Three: File it With Confidence

Submit your return, relax, and we’ll let you know when the IRS accepts it.


Ninety-eight percent of Ramsey SmartTax users from 2021 plan on filing with Ramsey SmartTax again. That’s just how easy it is! Plus, you can file your taxes for a fraction of the cost of the other guys and not get suckered into loans and credit cards you don’t need. Why’s that a big deal? In a nutshell: The other guys make a profit when you take on debt. That’s not how we do things at Ramsey. #debtfree

You’ve got support for that! With Ramsey SmartTax Federal Classic, you’ll get help with IRS inquiries for up to one year after your return is accepted. With Ramsey SmartTax Federal Premium, we’ll work with you to prepare for and resolve inquiries for up to three years after your return is accepted.

Ramsey SmartTax is powered by TaxSlayer, who’s been trusted in the tax industry for over 50 years. That means the software is always up-to-date and accurate. Your info is kept safe. And if you’ve paid Uncle Sam too much, Ramsey SmartTax can help you get your refund.

Ramsey says two things about taxes: You need to do them (duh), and you need to adjust your paycheck withholding so you end up as close to $0 for a tax return as possible. That way, you keep the money you need in your monthly budget—and stop giving Uncle Sam an interest-free loan. To learn more, browse our tax articles.

If you’d feel better handing your taxes over to a seasoned pro, connect with our Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs) in your area. Tax ELPs are RamseyTrusted because of their top-notch service and know-how to help you win with taxes.