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What Happens Next

We’ve sent your information to 4 top-notch SmartVestor Pros, and we’ve encouraged them to contact you quickly with a brief call.

Here's What to Look For

  • Who is quick to reach out?

  • Who do you enjoy talking to?

  • How do your pros follow up?

Your SmartVestor Pros

There are 4 serving San Luis Obispo, CA.

3 Questions to Ask Your SmartVestor Pros

  1. How did you become familiar with Dave Ramsey?

    You want a pro who understands the financial journey you're on.

  2. What kind of experience do you have?

    Make sure their experience fits with your investing needs.

  3. What will we talk about in our first meeting?

    Your pro should want to get to know you and your goals for the future.

A Money Plan for Real Life

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