You’re debt free? Congratulations!

We get a lot of Debt Free Scream requests! This simple form is the first step in the process to be considered for a debt free scream live on the phone or in the lobby. Please answer honestly and accurately.

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To keep the content of the show fresh, your debt must have been paid off within the last six months.

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If you are married, both spouses must be present, either on the phone or in person, in order to do a debt free scream.

For sound quality reasons, if you’re planning to do your debt free scream over the phone, please use a land line and not a cell phone. We can’t put you on the air if you’re on a cell phone.


Did you sell your house, property or other big ticket item to pay off your debt or did you receive an inheritance or settlement?
Did a professional in one of the following professions assist in your debt free journey:
If yes, was it one of Dave's ELP or SmartVestor Pros?
Have you taken FPU?
Have you ever coordinated an FPU class?



Should you be selected to do an on-air scream, you will be required to give income information on the air.

Financial Habits

* Did you use a credit card while paying off debt, or do you still have one?
* Did you finance anything while paying off debt?
* Did you use any of your retirement funds while paying off debt? (Borrow from 401k? Dip into your IRA?)

Familiarity With Dave