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How Kristy Paid Off Her Home in 3 Years! | By avoiding consumer debt, always paying cash, and trimming expenses anywhere possible, Kristy paid off $48,000 in 33 months. It was hard work, but she was motivated. One year, she ... This Couple Paid Off $457,000 in 7 Years | Now they can tell people they paid off $457,000. Get a FREE customized plan for your money ... Ramsey Solutions Ramsey Solutions Dexter and Christina paid off $265,000 in less than four ... Brittany Paid Off 100K in Debt Making How Much? | RamseySolutions... When Brittany graduated college, she celebrated by going $20,000 in debt for a brand-new car. "I thought I owed it to myself," she says. "I thought I deserved it." Add that to the ... How Kasey and Noah Paid Off Their Mortgage in Their 30s | RamseySoluti... Kasey and Noah paid off their house in their 30s. They have two kids, ages 10 and 12, and ... When did you finally pay off the rest of the house? In the summer of 2019, we paid off the ... This Family Paid Off $168,000-And They're Still Going Strong... They've worked relentlessly and sacrificed things like new clothes and summer vacations-and they have some pretty impressive results to show for it. "We've paid off a little more ... How Derrick and LaTrice Paid Off $126K in 26 Months! | RamseySolutions... They cut back their spending and threw all their extra money toward debt. In just 26 months, they paid off $126,000! Since then, the pair have been able to do some pretty amazing ... How These Budgeters Paid Off $26,000 in a Little Over a Year... Before they started using EveryDollar, Rachel and Shawn G. didn't really budget. They sort of planned what they were going to spend for the month, but they didn't stick to it. And ... Investing 2.0: Where Do I Invest Beyond Retirement | RamseySolutions... You've paid off your debt. You've saved 3-6 months' expenses in an emergency fund. You're ... If it's paid off, you own your house, no matter what happens. Once that house is paid off ... How a Police Officer Paid Off $265,000 in Debt! | RamseySolutions... Dexter and Christina's debt-free journey was sparked by finding out they were expecting their first child. Keeping up with their monthly debt payments was already a challenge, but ... $2 Million of Debt Paid Off: A Coach's Personal Goal | RamseySolutions... ... coaching session and know you're truly making a difference. One hour with you is much better than cable TV any day! "As a single mom, I have paid off $24,271.80 in one year! ...