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Dave's Guide to Becoming a Baby Steps Millionaire

After years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, you finally got to scream, “I‘m debt-free!” Woo! But after the confetti fades and the pats on the back stop, you might be asking yourself, What now?

Once you knock out your emergency fund (Baby Step 3), it’s time to tackle the big three—Baby Steps 4, 5 and 6. These are the steps that will help you build wealth and leave a legacy for generations to come! That’s where Dave Ramsey’s brand-new book, Baby Steps Millionaires, picks up. In the book, you’ll learn how to keep working Dave’s proven plan (the 7 Baby Steps) and eventually become a millionaire.

What Is a Baby Steps Millionaire?

Great question! In the book, Dave says that a Baby Steps Millionaire is “a special group of Everyday Millionaires who used the Baby Steps to reach the millionaire mark.” And if you’re also wondering what an Everyday Millionaire is, Dave likes to say it’s just an ordinary person who built extraordinary wealth (without an inheritance).

In other words, we’re not talking about someone who was a trust fund baby or who played the debt game to make their money. We’re talking about everyday people who followed the Baby Steps to get to a net worth of $1 million. (And remember, a million dollars is just that—a million dollars. Not a billion.)

Why Did Dave Write Baby Steps Millionaires?

Baby Steps Millionaires is Dave Ramsey’s first book in over eight years. Let that sink in for a second—eight years. But this book has actually been 30 years in the making as Dave has watched people use the 7 Baby Steps, time and time again, to get out of debt, save, and build millionaire wealth.

So, why step back into the book world and release one now?

Well, for starters, this is a super important topic and one that’s close to Dave’s heart. After all, the bigger purpose of getting out of debt is to change your family tree, build wealth, and give like no one else. Freeing yourself from the chains of debt isn’t just so you won’t have payments anymore (although, that is amazing). But the point of it all is to get yourself to a place where you can never worry about money again, leave a legacy for your family, and be a blessing.

What You Can Expect in Baby Steps Millionaires:

What The Total Money Makeover is for paying off debt and living on a budget, Baby Steps Millionaires is for building wealth. In Baby Steps Millionaires, Dave lays out the step-by-step plan to understand what it takes to become a millionaire.

Here are a few of the highlights you can expect:

The Quickest Right Way to Becoming a Millionaire

Are you curious about how to choose the right mutual funds to invest in? Or maybe the idea of understanding investments at all has your head spinning. Don't worry. In Baby Steps Millionaires, you’ll get a deep dive into Baby Steps 4–6 like never before! Learn all about the sacrifices and planning it takes day after day to reach your goal of becoming a millionaire.

Life-Changing Stories

Just like The Total Money Makeover, this book is chock-full of inspirational true stories of people who have been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, and followed the Baby Steps to become millionaires. These stories will give you the encouraging kick in the pants you need to keep going after your goals. If they can do it, so can you!

Hope That Anyone Can Become a Millionaire

All those lies you’ve heard over the years? They don’t have a leg to stand on anymore.

money bag

Market chaos, inflation, your future—work with a pro to navigate this stuff.

I could never be a millionaire. I grew up broke!

I’ll never reach millionaire status. I don’t make a six-figure income.

Get ready to bust through every barrier, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and become a victor (not a victim). In Baby Steps Millionaires, you’ll learn the truth that your circumstances don’t have to define your outcome. And you’ll get a big, heaping dose of hope while you’re at it.

Statistics From the National Study of Millionaires

Hang on to your seat because we’ve got some stats coming your way. Just when you start thinking to yourself, This stuff has to be totally made up, here comes some truth bombs about the habits of millionaires.

Our society makes you think that a millionaire is a person who goes around dropping money on fancy jewelry and sports cars. But our National Study of Millionaires uncovered statistics that turn myths like that on their head. For example, 94% of millionaires live on less than they make (compared to 55% of the general population). 

And they didn’t do anything fancy to land that millionaire status either. Most had paid-for houses, and eight out of 10 invested in their company’s 401(k). They became millionaires by consistently saving over time. Fun fact: On average, it took them about 28 years of hard work before they officially became millionaires.  

You Can Become a Baby Steps Millionaire Too!

Baby Steps Millionaires is full of encouraging story after story to help inspire you to become a Baby Steps Millionaire too. All the success stories of people who have reached that level sure are impressive, but there’s one story missing. Yours.

Grab your copy of Baby Steps Millionaires and start putting the right steps in place now to become a millionaire one day. Follow the plan, stay the course, and that day might just come sooner than you think.

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