New Mobile Platform

Availability: Free and premium users

Date of release: June 17, 2022

This is our biggest update to the mobile app since the launch of EveryDollar! We will now have parity between iOS and Android thanks to the hard work of our developers. 

This means a couple of things: One, we’ll be able to release features to you faster than ever. Two, the same features will appear in iOS and Android (with only one or two exceptions), so no matter what device you’re on, you get the same great EveryDollar experience!

We also updated the top layout so you can see more of your budget.

EveryDollar Budget View

Not to mention, transaction drag-and-drop is now smoother and faster.

And that’s just the beginning!

Here's what we're working on next:

  • Adding a search bar in the transaction details screen to easily find line items
  • Drag-and-drop reorder for items within a category on the budget screen
  • Showing the total amount remaining to be budgeted when you edit the planned amount for any budget item