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Discover why you feel out of balance and what to do about it—in three minutes or less.

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There are four reasons we feel out of balance. Find out which one applies to you.

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How can we break free from the crazy pace of life and stop feeling out of balance?

It starts with understanding why we feel out of balance in the first place.

Christy Wright has been writing, speaking and coaching on the topic of life balance for a decade—and she’s discovered four reasons we feel out of balance. Take the quiz to find out which one applies to you and how to create a sense of balance in your busy life.


As a busy mom with three young kids and a career, national bestselling author Christy Wright knows what it’s like to try to do it all and be stretched too thin. After years of running on empty, she realized she had to do something different. It wasn’t just a matter of saying no to a few things. She had to figure out why she felt overwhelmed, overcommitted, and out of balance.

Here’s what she discovered: 

Life balance isn’t about doing everything for an equal amount of time. Life balance is about doing the right things at the right time. 

What's getting in the way of you focusing on the right things at the right time? Take the quiz to find out.

It’s not about doing more. It’s about doing what matters.

Christy's brand-new book, Take Back Your Time: The Guilt-Free Guide to Life Balance, is not another productivity book.

Instead, Christy redefines what life balance is and reveals the clear path so you can actually achieve YOUR own version of balance. You'll learn how to get the right things done—not just more things—so you can spend your time on what matters most to you.