Why Work With a Ramsey ELP?

Three headshots of our Endorsed Local Providers, our insurance professionals

The Right Coverage

Our trusted pros compare quotes from multiple insurers to help you get the best health plan at the best value.

The Heart of a Teacher

Health insurance can be super confusing. Your pro will help you understand your options, so you can feel confident in your decision.

Peace of Mind

Our pros genuinely care about helping you protect your family and finances, so they’ll have your back. Period.

Vetting and Coaching

Every pro goes through an intense interview process to make sure they’re on a mission to serve you. Once they’re in, we coach them to maintain those high standards.

More About the ELPs

Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs) are licensed insurance agents who live and work all over the country. They partner with Ramsey because they believe the same thing we do: that getting the right health insurance is an important part of protecting your future. That’s why we trust them to serve our customers!

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Independent. They don’t work for a specific insurer or for Ramsey Solutions. That means they can compare health insurance quotes from multiple local and national insurers to find you the best coverage.

They’re reliable, so they’ll be there when you need them—from shopping for quotes to helping you file claims. And they have the heart of a teacher, so they’ll actually help you understand your health insurance.

Nope! You just pay your insurance premium like normal—no catch, no extra costs.

Ready to Get Started?


Only pros and providers who do whatever it takes to help you win earn the RamseyTrusted shield. And when it comes to insurance, these folks are determined to get you the coverage you need and nothing you don’t. Seriously—we’d send our moms to them (and most of us have).