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There’s no denying it: We love our cars!

Maybe it’s because that sporty convertible or rugged pickup truck in the driveway feels like an extension of your personality. Maybe it’s the memories we have of fun family road trips in our parents’ old station wagon or the sense of freedom you felt when you got the keys to your first car.

Whatever the reason, cars have always played a unique role in our lives, probably because we spend so much time in them. Americans spend an average of 51 minutes driving about 31.5 miles every day. And since millions of us drive thousands of miles each year, it’s important to at least know some of the basics of car ownership.

From maintenance to insurance, there’s a lot that goes into car ownership. That’s why we created this guide. Whether you’re a car fanatic or you can’t tell the difference between a spark plug and a lug nut, this guide will show you the Ramsey way to own a car. That way, you won’t wreck your car—or your budget.