Our Events Are More Fun With Friends!

Group of friends at a Ramsey event

Be a Hero to Your Friends and Family!

Attend a Ramsey Event with your group and unlock these exclusive deals.*

  • 4–9 People

    • $10 Off per Ticket

  • 10–19 People

    • $15 Off per Ticket
  • 20+ People

    • $15 Off per Ticket
    • 2 Upgraded Tickets
    • 4 Free Products at Event
Excited group of people at a Ramsey event

Here's How To Do It:


Think of how many people may be in your group.


Call us at 800-844-6934 or email us at events@ramseysolutions.com to connect with your event concierge.


Get ready to be inspired and have an amazing time at the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Once the original group is registered, individuals can call in and identify with your group and get the discount.

You will get an event credit for your unused tickets toward a qualifying future Ramsey Solutions Event.  You will need to contact us at events@ramseysolutions.com when you are ready to use your credit.

*Group rates do not apply to EntreLeadership events. If interested in attending one of these events, click here.