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Passing the Torch: From Mentee to Mentor

Behind most success stories lies a wise and experienced mentor.

Luke Skywalker had Obi-Wan Kenobi. Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson. Charles Schwab had Andrew Carnegie. Aristotle had Plato, and Plato had Socrates. Daniel LaRusso had Mr. Miyagi. Even Harry Potter had Dumbledore!

And now, Dana Sacdalan has Lisa Barber.

Dana, a Monrovia, California resident and Financial Peace University coordinator, once kept copies of The Total Money Makeover in the trunk of her car. Whenever someone came to her with money trouble, she’d give them a copy and offer a tip or two she’d learned herself. But her advice was pretty basic and informal.

Now, though, Dana is a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach. Translation? She’s a pro at coaching people through money struggles. In March, she completed a three-month mentorship with Lisa Barber, a veteran financial coach on Dave Ramsey’s team.

The mentorship was the final piece of training for Dana to become a coach, and it’s the third component of Financial Coach Master Training (FCMT).

Dave’s team has trained 4,000 financial coaches over the last 20 years—people just like you who want to learn how to help other people win with money! FCMT is the newest version of that training, and it includes three parts: online learning, on-site training, and a three-month mentorship with Dave’s coaching team.

The mentorship is the real game-changer.

"A mentoring opportunity is what our coaches have been craving," Lisa says. "It’s really the missing link."

The mentorship is the real game-changer.

That’s because a mentorship gives trainees the chance to pick our coaches’ brains like they’ve never been able to do before.

That’s what Dana did. As a mentee, she had monthly one-on-one phone calls with Lisa, coaching exercises, and small group online video conferencing with Lisa and other mentees.

"The mentorship has been life-changing for me," says Dana, who has started coaching as a business in addition to offering it as a ministry at her church.

"My confidence has increased exponentially. It’s let me put into practice what I learned. As a business-focused person, I had a lot of questions, and the mentorship really dug into the nitty-gritty. Lisa gave me all the details I needed and walked me through things step by step, because I was able to ask questions about specific circumstances. That’s really what I was looking for."

"The mentorship has been life-changing for me."

The mentorship also includes things that aren’t in the on-site and online portions of the training. It deals with topics like sales, marketing and pricing. Plus, it provides resources like all the coaching forms Dave’s own team uses.

The coolest part? Mentees who successfully complete all three parts have the opportunity to participate in Dave’s local coach program. That gives them access to continued development, quarterly calls with Dave’s coaching team, resources, and a spot on Dave’s website.

As fully trained Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coaches, Dana and her fellow mentees now have the skills, confidence and wisdom to change lives in their own communities through coaching. And that’s proof positive that mentorship works.

Click here to learn more about becoming a financial coach.

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