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How Derrick and LaTrice Paid Off $126K in 26 Months!

Derrick and LaTrice couldn’t afford to pay for new tires—even though they were both government engineers. That’s when they realized they had to take control of their money.

“How could we not afford to get something as simple as tires when we were both making enough money to do so?” says Derrick.

After attending a Financial Peace University class, they finally started talking about their money and watching where it was going.

“I remember one time I calculated and we had spent $900 on groceries and eating out!” says LaTrice.

Once they understood the power of the budget, they were unstoppable. They cut back their spending and threw all their extra money toward debt. In just 26 months, they paid off $126,000! Since then, the pair have been able to do some pretty amazing things.

Watch this video to find out about the unexpected blessings Derrick and LaTrice received after cleaning up their money and strengthening their marriage.




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