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This Couple Paid Off $457,000 in 7 Years

It started with $20,000 right after they got married.

From there, the debt grew . . . and grew . . . and grew.

Bob and his wife, Tammy, live in Ohio with their two teenagers. And after years of living with a nasty pile of debt, they can now say—or better yet, shout—that they are debt-free. But they’ll be the first to tell you it didn’t happen overnight.

“We had a nice, big house, the Suburban that was brand-new, two kids and a white picket fence,” Tammy said. “We thought we were really living the American dream.” But the numbers just didn’t add up. And no matter how much overtime they worked, they always felt like they were falling behind.

It wasn’t long after they realized they needed to shift gears that their church announced they were offering Financial Peace University. “One of the first steps is to figure out your net worth,” said Bob. It was negative—in the six figures. That’s when everything changed. “That was the turning point,” he said.

Now they can tell people they paid off $457,000.

It took seven years. Their motivation was to not only change their finances, but to also change their family tree—and that’s what really pushed them to the finish line.

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