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Ramsey Solutions and Zander Insurance Group Terms of Use

MARCH 30, 2022

Ramsey Solutions & Zander Insurance Group Terms of Use

Here’s the nitty-gritty legal stuff: Your life insurance quotes are estimates based on the health class you selected. Final rates are subject to underwriting approval by the insurance company. Quite a few factors influence the final approval price, including (but not limited to) health history, lab results, family history and driving record.
The Lampo Group, LLC (through provides advertising for third parties, including Zander Insurance Group. The form you’re filling out is a direct link to Zander’s site. Info you submit is collected, stored and/or used by Zander Insurance Group for the purpose of giving you the insurance quotes you request., with your permission, collects only your name, phone number, email address and postal code. All other info necessary for the generation of an insurance quote that you submit on this form is directly linked to Zander Insurance Group’s site. It is in no way collected, reviewed or stored by The Lampo Group, LLC (aka Ramsey Solutions) is not an insurance company or insurance producer and does not warrant any sites, services or information provided by Zander Insurance Group.
Ramsey Solutions and Zander Insurance do not sell your personal information to anyone. You will not receive unsolicited, intrusive calls or emails from other agents and companies across the country. If you provide your contact info, you’ll only be contacted by representatives from Zander and their partners. When you submit your info for a specific policy, the provider for the policy you picked will contact you, in addition to Zander Insurance. Zander may call or text message/SMS you at any of the telephone numbers or emails you provide. This can include up to eight messages a week or until Zander can reach you about your life insurance policy. Normal charges may apply. These calls may be generated using an automated technology because if they’re unable to reach you when they call, they may leave you a prerecorded message so you can call them back. Your consent to them calling is not required to get a quote or make a purchase. And you can revoke it at any time by calling them at 800-356-4282. (They won’t bite, we promise.) Our products and services are available to you without providing this consent, but opting out might mean missing out on helpful updates.
In case you nodded off, we’re about to say something super important. Every time you submit this form, it triggers another set of calls from Zander Insurance Group and the provider(s) for the policy you select. So the more times you submit this form, the more calls you’re likely to get (even if you’re using the same contact info).