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SmartDollar® Expands Its Financial Wellness Reach through Integration with ADP

JANUARY 14, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn.   Unemployment in America is at its lowest level in sixteen years, but behind the good numbers looms a troublesome truth: Consumer debt has reached record levels.  Too many Americans are working without a solid financial plan.

Now, a new strategic relationship between ADP® and SmartDollar® is bringing financial wellness to thousands of employees and their families. Together, these industry-leading companies are helping employers provide financial wellness in proven, time-tested, and innovative ways.

“At ADP, we offer a holistic financial wellness program that can be customized to meet the workplace needs of employers and their employees,” said Chris Luongo, division vice president of strategy, marketing, and business development at ADP Retirement Services. “We accomplish this by building relationships with providers, like SmartDollar specializing in delivering financial wellness solutions.”

SmartDollar is an easy-to-use, online, mobile-friendly benefit – the only financial wellness program that leads to lasting behavioral change.  With expertise and a proven track record, SmartDollar meets employees where they are and helps them get quick wins as they do the work it takes to gain control of their money.

“Most Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and nearly half couldn’t afford a $400 emergency without borrowing money” said Brian Hamilton, vice president of SmartDollar. “Together, with the extensive reach of ADP, and easy access through the ADP Marketplace, more employees than ever can begin to use their most powerful wealth-building tool – their income to eliminate debt, save for the future, and be more productive at work.”

ADP is an industry leader in payroll, benefits, regulatory compliance, talent management, and analytics. More than 700,000 companies of all sizes around the globe rely on ADP cloud software and expert insights to help unlock the potential of their people and build a better workforce.

ADP Marketplace is an online storefront designed to help employers create HR ecosystems for their companies using solutions from ADP and leading third-party partners, enabling companies of all sizes to extend the value of their workforce solutions seamlessly across their entire organization via a secure, single-sign-on process.


SmartDollar is a financial wellness program that educates, inspires and empowers employees to proactively take control of their money and get on track for retirement. Thousands of companies are currently offering SmartDollar as a benefit, giving both employers and employees a step-by-step plan, world-class content, and innovative tools to help people make smart decisions with their money, impacting families and businesses for generations. For more information, please visit

SmartDollar® and ADP are not affiliated companies.


Curt Harding
Media Relations Manager