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Top 10 Cities With the Highest Average Salaries in Texas

If you want to put down roots in a state with three of the top 10 most populated cities in the U.S., Texas is the place to go. Not only is the Lone Star State the second largest state in the country (second to Alaska), but it’s rich with American history and professional opportunity.

It’s clear Texas is attracting a healthy crowd of new residents. Texas ranked first for the number of new residents added from 2020 to 2021, welcoming about 850 new people per day (that’s 310,288 people just in the last year).1 And it’s not just the live music festivals, rodeos and quirky attractions (like an Eiffel Tower replica topped with a giant red cowboy hat) drawing thousands of new residents, but also a variety of thriving industries and companies offering some of the highest average salaries in Texas.

We’re going to look at the cities in Texas that offer the highest average annual incomes as well as the biggest employers in each city. If you’re searching for a new job and lifestyle, a move to Texas could be exactly what you need.

Texas Cities with the Highest Average Salaries

Overall, Texas ranks 35 out of 50 for states with the highest average salaries nationwide.2 Within the average jobs category, Texas salaries typically range between $36,908 and $66,137, with top earners making $84,284 to $89,920 annually.3 Of course, your salary in Texas will depend on a few things, like your work experience, chosen career field and the type of company you work for. So, if you’re curious to explore the biggest employers in Texas’ highest paying cities, keep reading. (Average annual salaries are based on ZipRecruiter’s March 2022 report.)

10. Midland

Coming in at the 10th city in Texas with the highest average salary is Midland. This western city is an oil industry hub located halfway between Fort Worth and El Paso. Nicknamed the Tall City, in Midland, you can find the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum (the Permian Basin is the largest oil production region in the country) and former president George W. Bush’s childhood home.4 Midland residents can expect to earn an average annual salary of $63,683. Sound promising? Here are the largest employers in Midland:

  • ProPetro Holding: This oilfield services company provides hydraulic fracturing and other services for exploring and producing oil and natural gas resources.
  • Midland Memorial Hospital: This hospital is a large, private health care company that employs over 1,000 people.
  • COG Operating: COG Operating is a private company that operates oil and gas properties.
  • Dawson Geophysical: Dawson Geophysical is a key player in the energy industry and provides onshore seismic data services to the lower 48 states.
  • Warren CAT: Midland is home to the corporate offices of Warren CAT—one of the largest and fastest growing Caterpillar® dealerships serving West Texas and Oklahoma.

9. McKinney

A suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, McKinney is a destination for both business and creative communities. With a thriving downtown scene, a Croatian-inspired village, and beautiful natural settings, McKinney is known to be “unique by nature.”5 And with several financial firms and manufacturing companies leading employment, there’s a variety of professional opportunities to explore. McKinney’s average salary is about $64,162. Consider working for one of these companies if McKinney sounds like your kind of place:

  • Torchmark/Globe Life: This large insurance firm helps working-class families get financial protection when tragedy strikes.
  • SRS Distribution: SRS Distribution is a large construction company with a national network of independent roofing distributors.
  • Banks Group/Independent Bank: This is a multibillion-dollar community financial firm that offers banking products and services to businesses and individuals.
  • Encore Wire: This is a leading manufacturer of copper and aluminum building wire.
  • City of McKinney: The City of McKinney offers employment across law enforcement, parks and recreation, maintenance and fitness facilities and more to support the city.

8. Beaumont

Beaumont is in southeast Texas near the Louisiana border. This city features historic homes, multiple museums showcasing life in the early 1900s during the Texas oil boom, and several art museums with regional and national art. Beaumont is also headquarters for several recognizable food industry brands, as well as product manufacturers and oil and gas support businesses. Beaumont has an average annual salary of $64,637. Keep reading to learn more about the five largest employers in Beaumont:

  • Jason’s Deli: This family-owned, fast-casual deli chain is headquartered in Beaumont. Known for their fresh ingredients, Jason’s Deli has locations in 28 states.
  • REE Holding, Inc.: REE, Inc. is an industrial company that focuses on machining and sheet metal.
  • The Modern Group USA: This company provides support and industrial equipment to serve oil and gas, agriculture, power, storage and transportation industries.
  • Dragon Products: Dragon Products manufactures critical products that serve energy and industrial businesses.
  • Helena Laboratories: This is a clinical laboratory instrument and reagent manufacturer that serves medical centers, small hospitals and large laboratories.

7. Denton

Denton is a university town just outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area that has a world-class music and arts scene. It features family-friendly activities, like museums, historic tours, murals and natural sites (like lakes and trails). Moving to Denton could mean a nice bump in your earnings—with an average salary of $64,973. And with several medical companies and universities to work for, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to advance professionally. Here are just a few of the largest employers in Denton:

  • Sally Beauty Holdings: Sally Beauty is a distributor and supplier of hair care, nail care and other beauty products and appliances.
  • University of North Texas: This university is one of the largest universities in Texas with more than 10 schools offering more than 200 degrees.
  • Daybreak Venture LLC: Daybreak Venture provides long-term health care and rehabilitative home services.
  • Medical City Denton: Previously known as Denton Regional Medical Center, this hospital is located southeast of downtown Denton and employs more than 900 employees and 500 physicians.
  • Texas Woman’s University: Texas Woman’s University is a public co-ed university system with three campuses—one in Denton and the others in Dallas and Houston.

6. Pasadena

Located in the Houston metro area, Pasadena is a mix of urban and suburban vibes. There are many natural attractions and parks, making this family-friendly city an attractive option for pursuing a career and settling down. Pasadena’s average annual salary is $65,092. With a mix of professional staffing and technology firms, as well as consulting and other services for the oil industry, folks will have plenty of job environments and roles to choose from. Keep reading to see Pasadena’s five largest employers.

  • Meador Staffing Services: This leading human resource firm provides temporary staffing, contract staffing and direct hire placement to job candidates and employers.
  • Pasadena Independent School District: This large education organization employs a total staff of about 7,977 people across various teaching, administrative and other K-12 educational roles.6
  • Ramco Systems Limited: Ramco is global software company that provides payroll services, human resources software and aviation services.
  • Summa Group LLC: Summa Group provides oil and gas field services and specializes in consulting for the oil industry.
  • TradeSTAR, Inc: This is a staffing company that recruits people for professional, technical, electrical and structured cabling positions.

5. Frisco

Okay, we’re at the halfway point in our list of Texas cities with the highest average salaries. Smack dab in the middle we’ve got Frisco, Texas. Here’s a fun fact about Frisco: In 2018, it was ranked #1 Best Place to Live in America because of its outstanding public schools, relatively low cost of living, booming job growth and higher than average incomes.7 Frisco residents can expect an average annual salary of $68,745. Several of Frisco’s largest employers are in the health care and technology space, so if wellness or software interest you, you’ll want to check out the opportunities at Frisco’s five largest employers.

  • provides tech services and market research to the dairy industry.
  • Conifer Health Solutions: Conifer Health Solutions helps health care systems and hospitals improve business and finance operations.
  • WorldLink US: This is a diverse business that provides specialized cloud and data consulting for businesses.
  • Aegis Therapies: Aegis Therapies is a leading provider of rehabilitation and wellness services.
  • Goodman Networks: This leading field services company has 2,600 network and electronic technicians that serve customers across the nation.

4. Irving

Just outside of Dallas is a suburb called Irving, Texas—and it’s a hot spot for families and young professionals. With plenty of bars, restaurants and parks, there are tons of options for foodies and culture lovers. Irving is also home to the region’s largest office park, where more than 10% of Fortune 500 companies have offices.8 With so many opportunities to work for one of these top companies, there’s a good chance Irving residents will outearn the rest of the state. Irving’s average annual salary is $69,069. Curious to learn more about the top employers? These are the five largest companies you’ll find in Irving:

  • GTE: GTE provides integrated telecommunications services.
  • Exxon Mobil: Exxon is one of the world’s largest publicly traded energy providers and chemical manufacturers.
  • Fluor Corporation: Fluor is a global engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and maintenance company.
  • Kimberly-Clark: This is a consumer goods company that offers essential needs products through global brands, including Andrex, Cottonelle, Depend, Huggies, Kleenex and others.
  • LSG Sky Chefs: LSG Sky Chefs offers airline catering services and manages in-flight service-related processes.

3. Austin

It’s the state capital and the fourth largest city in Texas—we’re talking about Austin. This inland city is also known as the Live Music Capital of the World. With a colorful arts and music scene, Austin is ranked #1 in Best Places to Live in Texas and #13 in Fastest-Growing Places.9 Austin offers a wide variety of professional opportunities, with the largest companies representing real estate, manufacturing and tech. But an artistic and professional blend isn’t all to love about Austin . . . Residents will earn an average annual salary of $69,392. Feeling called to this cool city? Here are the top employers to learn more about:

  • Keller Williams Realty: Keller Williams is the largest real estate franchise in North America and is headquartered in Austin.
  • Whole Foods Market: This grocery chain exclusively sells natural and organic products. They’re headquartered in Austin and have over 500 stores in North America and the U.K.
  • Arrow Value Recovery: This group provides design engineering, manufacturing and other professional and support services.
  • Celestica: Celestica’s expertise is in design, engineering, electronics manufacturing and supply chain management services.
  • Firestone Holdings: This is an investment holding company that manufactures semiconductors and other solid-state devices.

2. Odessa

If you’ve ever seen the movie Friday Night Lights, you’ll know Odessa, Texas. This cowboy town is recognized for its rolling plains, oil rigs and artsy attractions, including replicas of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Stonehenge. But there’s more to Odessa that job seekers will find interesting: Odessa’s average salary is $71,966. And with several large health care companies and manufacturing and maintenance firms, you can find a professional fit that’s just right for you. Read on to learn about the five largest employers in Odessa:

  • Nurses Unlimited Managed Care: This company provides medical equipment and supplies and helps meet home health care needs.
  • Nurses Unlimited: This medium-sized health care company provides caregiving and nursing services for home health care.
  • MCM Elegante Hotel and Suites: This hospitality company with luxurious hotels in unique locations is headquartered in Odessa.
  • Saulsbury Industries: This is a leading provider of safe and reliable engineering, procurement and construction services.
  • Blakely Construction: Blakely Construction offers various oilfield maintenance and construction services.

1. Dallas

Welcome to the ninth largest city in the U.S. and the highest-ranking city in Texas for average salaries: Dallas.10 Sports fans, arts lovers and corporate ladder climbers alike will appreciate the variety of lifestyles and careers in Dallas. Plus, Dallas has an average annual salary of $72,098. Wow!

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With seven professional sports teams, the nation’s largest arts district (it features 19 blocks of museums, venues and galleries), the largest urban forest in the U.S., and headquarters of 10 Fortune 500 companies, there’s no shortage of community, culture and adventure to explore.11 Here are the largest employers in Dallas to check out if you feel called to relocate to this thriving city:

  • AT&T: This is a modern media and communication company that provides wireless and wireline communications services.
  • Tenet Healthcare: This diversified health care services company helps people live happier, healthier lives.
  • Affiliated Computer Services: This company provides information technology services and business processing solutions.
  • ACS Enterprise Solutions: ACS provides business processing solutions to governments and businesses.
  • Essilor of America: This is the leading optical lens manufacturer and wholesale distributor in the United States.

Grow Your Career With a Move to Texas

With thousands of people moving to Texas each month, you’re not alone in wanting to explore this state full of opportunity. Texas offers plenty of chances for professional growth across a wide variety of industries, like manufacturing, health care, business consulting, art, oil and gas and more. So, what are you waiting for? If Texas seems like the right fit for your lifestyle and budget, connect with a local real estate agent. To find agents we trust in Texas (and your current city), take a look at our Endorsed Local Providers (ELP) program. We only recommend agents who are on a mission to help you achieve your moving goals. Find a Texas real estate agent we trust today!

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