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The Five Stages of Success

Y’all, I’m so excited to share some updates with you about the Business Boutique Academy!

(This is important even if you’re not a member of the Academy, because you might start hearing new language in places like the Facebook group or at the Business Boutique Conference—I want to make sure you know what everyone is talking about!)

From day one, my dream for the Business Boutique Academy has been for it to be a place where women can find the support, encouragement and training they need to launch and grow their businesses. A place where they can get all the tools and resources they need to start making money doing what they love.

Since we launched this dream of mine, I’ve stood in awe as I’ve watched women go from making $19K a year to $130K a year. I’ve watched women live out their dream of staying home with their kids while still contributing to the family income. I’ve watched women double their revenue year over year doing something they’re passionate about.

Seeing these women step into their God-given gifts has always been the driving force behind making the Academy better and better. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about an update coming this October!

Introducing: The Five Stages of Success

Our goal in reimagining the current Academy experience was to make sure you always know what the next right step is.

Because the reality is: There are steps we all go through on our journey as a business owner, and the Academy should be structured to complement those steps!

For years, we’ve been using dreamer, starter and builder to describe where you were in your business journey. We’ll continue using those labels to help one another understand how long you’ve been in business, but we all know that business isn’t just a straight path forward.

Business is more like a circle. There are stages you walk through, and stages you’ll repeat several times as your business evolves. We call these the Five Stages of Success.

Here’s a breakdown of the new Five Stages of Success:

Stage 1: Planning
You’ll create a full plan for your business or a new initiative. You’ll get all your dreams and visions down on a paper and build a solid foundation.

Stage 2: Goal Setting
You’ll define and refine the goals you want to accomplish in order to get to where you want to go. Goals will keep you accountable to the plan you created in stage one and will help you stay on track.

Stage 3: Research
You’ll test and experiment your product or service. In this stage, you’ll intentionally try new things so you can be confident in what does and doesn’t work for your target market.

Stage 4: Action
You’ll maximize your efforts to get bigger and better results. We’ll talk about all things marketing and selling in this stage so you can make more money while working less.

Stage 5: Scaling
You’ll explore expanding your business through hiring, opening additional locations, adding new products, or some other capacity. In whatever way you choose, your business will grow beyond where it is today.

With this new path, for every new business, project or initiative you launch, you’ll be able to go back to the different stages and repeat them as many times as you need to throughout your journey.

The goal of this new structure is to get you hyperfocused. That’s why all the videos and resources inside the Academy fall into one of these five stages. Based on the stage of business you’re in, you’ll know exactly which videos to watch and what worksheets to download—plus, you’ll find other resources that can help.


Every business goes through five distinct stages. Find out which stage your business is in with our free assessment.

With this new path, your progress will always be clear and measurable.

I’m so excited about the future of the Academy! I think this update is really going to help so many of you focus on exactly what your business needs so that you can make more progress on your goals.

How to Join the Academy

The new Academy will officially launch this October. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Academy, enrollment will be open October 25–28. Sign up to get on the waitlist and be the first to know when enrollment is open.

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