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The Peace That Comes With Baby Step 7

When you’re on Baby Step 2 and dumping debt as fast as you can, it’s sometimes difficult to imagine what life will be like when you reach Baby Step 7. The thought that you will one day be debt-free including your home, with a full emergency fund and college and retirement savings underway, seems too good to be true.

But take it from these folks: You can reach Baby Step 7. And yes, it is great!

Peace in the Storm

Corey and Misty officially reached Baby Step 7 when they paid off their mortgage last year. They came to Financial Peace Plaza to do their debt-free scream on air with Dave. Then came the bad news.

“I lost my job of 10 years just two days after we did our debt-free scream,” Corey said. “The guys I worked with—the ones who’d been making fun of the way I’d been living—were panicking. So I panicked too.”

Corey called Misty, who was instantly at peace. “She said, ‘It looks like you’ll be getting some stuff done around the house while you look for a job,’” Corey recalled. Listen to him talk about this with Dave.

Corey now has a new job. He took a pay cut, but his hours are much better, and he hasn’t missed any of his son’s sporting events.

He and Misty have also led four Financial Peace University (FPU) classes so others can learn how to have the same peace they have found.

Peace for the Future

Just in case you believe it takes a huge income to reach Baby Step 7, Stacey became debt-free last year on an income of $35,000. She and her husband have four kids, so it’s taken a lot of discipline to reach their goal.

“I run a tight budget,” she said. “We get very creative.” Stacy’s first Baby Step 7 splurge was to hire a trash service so they wouldn’t have to haul their trash themselves! Listen to her laugh about this with Dave.

But Stacey said the most important change is the peace she has. “My husband has COPD (a progressive lung disease),” she said. “Knowing that he can come home when his health finally starts to progress downward is worth everything to me.”

Corey, Misty and Stacey’s success stories started in the same place—an FPU class. You can begin your own success story today by starting FPU and learning how to take control of your money for good!

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