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What It Really Means to Enjoy Your Money

Giving is one of the most important and rewarding parts of your financial journey. It brings joy to the recipient and to the giver. In fact, giving is the most fun you can have with money! As strange as it sounds, generosity produces more joy than spending money on yourself ever could.

Giving is one of the most important and rewarding parts of your financial journey.

Whether you’re just starting to dig your way out of debt or you’re well on your way to creating serious wealth, you should be setting aside some money to give every month. It’s easier to do than you think!

Whatever your income, budget 10% to give to your church or a charitable organization. And do that first, followed by saving, and then spending. Otherwise you’ll never find the money to give (or save!). Now, some people worry they won’t be able to make ends meet without that 10%. But consider this: If you can’t live off 90% of what you make, what makes you think you can live off 100%?

It’s true that when you’re just starting to live on a budget, money may be in short supply. If that’s the case, look for creative ways to give, all the while working toward being able to give of your money as well. Could you give of your time, knowledge or skills?

Opportunities to volunteer at a soup kitchen or charity are everywhere you look. Or you could find your own giving opportunities. Help that single mom down the street by offering to babysit her children while she goes to night school or takes an evening to herself. Or bring a meal to someone in your church or at work who lost a loved one.

A person is so encouraged when they experience true kindness. That small gesture makes a bigger impact than you could imagine!

As you learn new ways to give, your heart for generosity will grow. You’ll find yourself wanting to give even more—of your time, knowledge, skills and money. It’s a great cycle to repeat.

And remember this: The real giving comes from you. There’s a spirit of giving inside of you just waiting to break free. Giving is more than a physical action. It’s not just moving money from your wallet to a charity or collection plate. It’s the genuine desire to lift up those who are down.

Each time you give, you create a new story and a new thrill. It’s a feeling that never grows dull. Contrast that with spending money on yourself. Having fun with money is good, but you’ll eventually tire of golf and travel. After all, you can only eat so much lobster before it starts tasting like soap.

By giving to someone in need, you give them encouragement, hope and relief. And the more people you lift up, the more joy you’ll experience yourself. Giving really is a win-win.

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