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Aldi vs. Walmart: Which Is Cheaper?

It’s the easiest budget category to bust: the grocery budget.

One of my best money-saving tips is to shop at Aldi. I love Aldi! But Walmart is also known for low prices and their store-brand savings. Is Aldi cheaper than Walmart? I wanted to know where you’ll truly save the most money on groceries, which leads us to a food fight for the ages: Aldi vs. Walmart.

Aldi vs. Walmart: What to Know 

1. These items were purchased in June 2021 in Franklin, Tennessee.

Many things affect the cost of groceries—like location, time of year and even what’s going on in the world. Your local Aldi or Walmart store’s pricing may vary.  

2. I compared store brand to store brand (for the most part).

For a true Aldi vs. Walmart comparison, I bought each store’s own brand whenever possible. Walmart’s store brand is called Great Value, and Aldi has several different store brands. That’s actually Aldi’s whole strategy: They don’t carry name brands at all.

3. These are the groceries I buy most often.

I organized the items in five categories: meat, dairy, produce, pantry items and miscellaneous. You can scroll to the items that apply most to you.

shopping cart

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 4. I’m not sponsored by either store.

My goal for you is to take control of your money and create a life you love—and that means presenting you with the cold, hard, unbiased facts. As much as I love saving money at both of these stores, I’m not sponsored or paid by either one of them. 

Aldi vs. Walmart: Meat 

For many Americans, meat is a staple at any meal table. In fact, we consume an average of 274 pounds of meat per year!1 But meat isn’t cheap. If you’re intense about getting out of debt, you can save a lot of money simply by consuming less of it. And if it’s something you just can’t give up, here’s the Aldi vs. Walmart breakdown on popular types of meat:

Bacon: Walmart

Aldo vs Walmart Bacon

When it comes to bacon, we all win. But when it comes to bacon prices, Walmart does.

  • Aldi: $3.79
  • Walmart: $3.24

Chicken: Aldi 

Aldi vs Walmart Chicken

Is Aldi cheaper than Walmart when it comes to chicken? Yes! Their chicken breasts come in 40% cheaper than Walmart’s.

  • Aldi: $1.89 per pound
  • Walmart: $3.13 per pound

Ground Beef: Aldi 

Need another reason to get your meat at Aldi? Their ground beef is 38% less.

  • Aldi: $2.99 per pound
  • Walmart: $4.83 per pound

Eggs: Aldi 

Aldi vs Walmart Eggs

I compared one dozen grade A large white eggs, but both stores also have cage-free and organic options. If that’s important to you, you might like that Aldi has the United Egg Producers (UEP) certification on their cartons, which means the chickens are supposed to be treated more humanely.

  • Aldi: $1.10 per dozen
  • Walmart: $1.19 per dozen

Aldi vs. Walmart: Dairy 

In my research, regardless of which store won, both Aldi and Walmart came out significantly cheaper than other grocery stores like Kroger and Publix for dairy products. That’s helpful to know since milk, butter and cheese are something most of us need to replenish on a regular basis.

Milk (2%): Tie 

It’s a tie. Just keep in mind, Walmart keeps their milk at the back of the store—and at my Walmart, that means I have to walk past all the cute baby clothes on my way there. It’s easy for $2.50 to turn into a $25 trip.  

  • Aldi: $2.50 per gallon
  • Walmart: $2.50 per gallon

Butter: Aldi 

Aldi vs Walmart Butter

Each package included four sticks of salted butter, and Aldi wins.

  • Aldi: $2.89
  • Walmart: $2.98

Shredded Cheddar Cheese: Walmart

It’s a staple in my house, and probably in yours. It turns out, Walmart has the better price and value since the closest comparable package includes five more ounces than Aldi’s.

  • Aldi: $2.99 for 11 ounces
  • Walmart: $2.77 for 16 ounces

Ice Cream: Aldi 

Aldi vs Walmart Ice Cream

Can someone tell me what happened to actual half gallons of ice cream? Apparently, America has decided we only need 1.5 quarts in our freezer . . . Anyway, Aldi wins this one.

  • Aldi: $1.85 for 1.5 quarts
  • Walmart: $1.97 for 1.5 quarts

Almond Milk: Aldi 

There are many varieties of almond milk, but I compared unsweetened, vanilla almond milk with 30 calories per serving—and Aldi wins.

  • Aldi: $1.79
  • Walmart: $1.82

Aldi vs. Walmart: Produce 

Adding more fruits and vegetables into our diet is awesome for our health, and it’s not too hard on our wallets, either—unless that food goes bad before we can eat it. I’m as guilty of this as anyone. I get on a new health kick and stock my fridge with fresh produce, only to see it still sitting in the drawer the next week. As you’re shopping for produce, try to be realistic about how much you’ll actually eat. Doing this will really save you some money.

Apples: Aldi 

Aldi vs Walmart Apples

My Walmart doesn’t carry apples in their Great Value brand, but these gala apples were the cheapest bag I could find. They were no match for Aldi, who wins again.

  • Aldi: $2.99
  • Walmart: $3.70

Oranges: Aldi 

Aldi vs Walmart Oranges

These little mandarins come in a 3-pound bag and are great to keep on hand, especially if you have kids. Aldi has the best price.

  • Aldi: $3.59
  • Walmart: $3.70

Bananas: Aldi 

As long as pennies are still a thing, Aldi wins this one.

  • Aldi: $0.46 per pound
  • Walmart: $0.47 per pound

Bell Peppers (multicolored 3-pack): Aldi 

Aldi vs Walmart Bell Peppers

I use bell peppers on everything from pizza to tacos to charcuterie boards (when I’m running low on everything else that most people put on charcuterie boards). Aldi wins again.

  • Aldi: $2.29
  • Walmart: $3.34

Spinach: Aldi 

Aldi vs Walmart Spinach

Not only was Aldi cheaper here, but their bag clearly had more spinach in it.

  • Aldi: $1.29
  • Walmart: $1.88

Aldi vs. Walmart: Pantry Items

This is the category that can $3 you to death. They’re also the items that are the biggest pain when you forget them and have to run back to the store. Try to keep a list in your phone of pantry items you’re running low on as you notice them to save time and gas money in the future.

Organic Chicken Broth: Walmart 

It’s time for a Walmart comeback: Their organic chicken stock is 33% cheaper than Aldi’s.

  • Aldi: $2.99
  • Walmart: $1.98

White Rice: Walmart 

Aldi vs Walmart Rice

Walmart gets another win with a basic bag of white rice.

  • Aldi: $1.89
  • Walmart: $1.44

Black Beans: Walmart

It wouldn’t be a Ramsey shopping trip without some rice and beans! Walmart (just barely) has the better price for a can of black beans.

  • Aldi: $0.50
  • Walmart: $0.48

Flour: Aldi 

Aldi vs Walmart Flour

When it comes to all-purpose, bleached flour, Aldi (just barely) has the better price.

  • Aldi: $1.15
  • Walmart: $1.18

Apple Sauce Pouches: Aldi 

Aldi vs Walmart Applesauce

Ever since I had kids, these are never not in my pantry. My kids love them, and they’re super easy to just grab and go. Aldi wins.

  • Aldi: $1.49
  • Walmart: $2.46

Coffee: Aldi 

Aldi vs Walmart Coffee

Coffee is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, right? Based on the price for a bag of coffee grounds, Aldi is the place to buy your caffeine.

  • Aldi: $3.65
  • Walmart: $3.88

Peanut Butter: Aldi 

Aldi wins, but if you happen to be at Walmart: The Jif peanut butter is actually the same price as Great Value.

  • Aldi: $1.19
  • Walmart: $1.32

Gluten-Free Bread: Walmart 

Aldi vs Walmart Gluten Free Bread

For you healthy eaters who avoid gluten, you’ll definitely want to get your bread at Walmart. It’s 30% cheaper than Aldi.

  • Aldi: $5.49
  • Walmart: $3.88

Aldi vs. Walmart: Miscellaneous Groceries 

This category is a hodgepodge, but it’s just as crucial to our everyday lives. 

Diapers: Tie 

Aldi vs Walmart Diapers

I have friends and coworkers who swear by Aldi’s diapers—and at 11 cents each, they really are a great deal. But Walmart’s store brand is just as cheap. Walmart’s diapers come in a box of 160 versus Aldi’s box of 100. Since they’re the same price, I might get them at Walmart—fewer things are worse than running out of diapers.

  • Aldi: $10.99 (100 diapers/11 cents per diaper)
  • Walmart: $17.57 (160 diapers/11 cents per diaper)

Trash Bags: Aldi 

Aldi vs Walmart Trash Bags

Both Aldi and Walmart offer their store brands for less than name brands, but Aldi comes out a little cheaper. The package from Walmart does include five more bags than Aldi, but the cost per bag is still the deciding factor.

  • Aldi: $4.95 (11 cents per bag)
  • Walmart: $5.12 (12 cents per bag)

Dish Soap: Aldi 

When you’re trying to save money, every little bit helps. Aldi comes in at 15% cheaper than Walmart for dish soap.

  • Aldi: $1.69
  • Walmart: $1.98

So, Is Aldi Cheaper Than Walmart? 

Aldi had cheaper prices for 17 out of 25 items!

Aldi is the clear winner. Here are some interesting takeaways I noticed:

  • Aldi won in every single produce matchup.
  • Aldi beat Walmart on chicken breasts and ground beef by about 40%.
  • Aldi won in almost every miscellaneous category—except diapers, where they tied.
  • Walmart stands out in pantry items, with their chicken broth and gluten-free bread coming in at least 30% cheaper than Aldi.

If you live in an area where there aren’t any Aldi stores close by, Walmart is still a good option. The total bill for these groceries (without diapers) was:

  • Aldi: $57.40
  • Walmart: $61.24

Wherever you shop, my top grocery-savings tip is always to make a list—and stick to it. Go into the store with the mindset that there’s no wiggle room. You’re here for the things on the list and only those things. Not today, endcap in the freezer section stocked full of discounted ice cream—not today.

Aldi Hours, Location And More

Ready to check out these great deals at Aldi for yourself? Aldi’s hours of operation are generally from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week. Use the Aldi store locator on their website to find your local store and see if your Aldi’s hours are any different. Some stores even offer delivery or curbside pickup!

To make the most of your grocery money and your budget as a whole, I recommend our free budgeting app, EveryDollar. It only takes ten minutes to create your first budget. I love EveryDollar because it allows me and my husband to easily track our spending and know what we have left to spend each month.

Create Your Budget in Just 10 Minutes.

Our budgeting app EveryDollar allows you to easily create a budget, track your expenses, and never worry about overspending on groceries again.

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And before you head to the store, check out my video taste test where I put Aldi groceries head-to-head against name-brand groceries:


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