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Get money-smart contacts who are ready, willing and eager to work with a pro. 

How SmartVestor Works

You’ll get contacts who are laser-focused on their money goals. Here’s how they’ll find you:

  1. An insanely motivated potential client learns about investing with a SmartVestor Pro through one of Ramsey’s podcasts, books, social media, or a quick Google search.
  2. They make the first move by filling out a form to connect with pros in their area (by zip code).
  3. You and 2–4 other pros get their contact info, plus they get yours too. We want them to do their homework and chat with each of you—so you’ll get a high-intent, educated client.

Built in marketing? Heck yes. We have a dedicated team that finds these folks who are excited to work with a pro.

Who Uses SmartVestor?

These contacts are locked in on Ramsey principles—like only starting or continuing to invest once they’re debt-free. So they have the right mindset when it comes to their money.

And if they’re not ready yet, we have a ton of resources that’ll help them get there, so coaching won’t fall on you!

“I’ve been able to grow my business by over $15MM in AUM in less than three years and have enjoyed working with all the clients. Having them walk out of your office with a sigh of relief and a smile because they are empowered by the plan and have financial confidence is my favorite part about being a SmartVestor Pro.”

Nicole M., SmartVestor Pro for three years

“My affiliation with Dave and subsequent investment success led to me attracting new advisors to my team. This taught me skills in leadership and business ownership and larger and larger accounts started flowing my way. When I first joined, I managed about $6MM in AUM—that number as of today is over $150MM.”

Richard J., SmartVestor Pro for ten years

“If you’re thinking about joining, DO IT! Seriously, no gimmicks and a great opportunity to help others AND grow your practice. The clients we have worked with are dialed in, part of the process, and eager to save and invest for retirement.”

Alex C., SmartVestor Pro for four years

“There’s a lot of instant credibility and favor that comes with being a Pro. And fans of Dave Ramsey refer you to their friends and family. It’s encouraging to know I will be receiving contacts regularly and I will always have new and prospective clients in the pipeline.”

Randall N., SmartVestor Pro for one year

America’s Trusted Voice on Money and Life

With a crew of world-class authors and speakers, Ramsey has the reach to find people who are in the best position to invest—and we’ll give them your name!

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