Thursday, January 12th at 7pm Central
Building Wealth in 2023 free live stream
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Eliminate money stress in today’s economy!

After last year, your family knows a thing or two about stress. Draining your savings just to keep gas in the tank. Living in fear of layoffs. Maybe you’re wondering if 2023 will be any different.

It can be!

In this free livestream, we’ll show you how you can still make progress, build wealth, and have peace with your money—yes, even in a tough economy!

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What You’ll Learn

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What’s going on in the economy and what you can do about it

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Why you should keep investing even in a down economy

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How to face fear with facts and stay motivated on your goals

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How to create margin so you can build wealth for the future

Hear From Our Money Experts

Ready to get fired up to take on 2023? Once you hear from these three experts, that’s exactly what’ll happen.

Image of Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey

By 26, Dave was a millionaire—the get-rich-quick way. Turns out get-rich-quick was code for get-broke-quick—and he lost it all. But when he learned God’s and Grandma’s ways of handling money, everything changed. Now, with eight bestselling books and as the host of The Ramsey Show, he’s helped millions of people change their story too.

Rachel Cruze

Rachel got a front-row seat to the toll money stress takes on a family while watching her dad, Dave Ramsey, climb out of bankruptcy. And as a bestselling author and host of The Rachel Cruze Show, she’s helped other families discover peace and freedom with their money so that they never—ever!—have to go through what hers did.

Image of Rachel Cruze
Image of George Kamel

George Kamel

Overwhelmed. Anxious. $40,000 in debt. That was George just nine years ago. He fell for the same money traps that have gotten the best of all of us. But then he started following Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps—and he went from negative net worth to a millionaire. Now, he’s helping others do it too as host of The Ramsey Show and The Fine Print.

Plus, Special Panel Discussion

Dr. John Delony and Ken Coleman will join Dave, Rachel and George for a conversation on how work and relationships impact your wealth-building journey. (Get ready—when these five take the stage together, there’s no telling where the conversation will go.)

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The economy's freaking out but you don't have to
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