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The Cycle of Money Stress Ends Here

Take control and start winning with money.

You work too hard to feel like you’ll never get ahead. But you can change all that—starting now.

Buy Financial Peace University for $79.99

In just 90 days,
the average FPU graduate

Pays off $5,300 of debt. Saves $2,700 for emergencies.

Money doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming.

We’ll teach you step by step how to:

Master budgeting.

Never wonder where all your money is going again. We’ll help you find an extra $332 in your first budget—you’ll feel like you got a raise!

Master budgeting
Save for emergencies

Save for emergencies.

You don’t have to live in fear of a crisis waiting around the corner. Turn that next emergency into no big deal.

Pay off debt—for good.

Stop letting debt steal your paycheck and your peace! Learn the fastest way to say goodbye to those soul-sucking payments forever.

Pay off debt for good
Build wealth and keep it

Build wealth (and keep it).

Get-rich-quick schemes? You won’t find those here. We only teach the time-tested ways to invest so you know your future’s secure.

“Just give [FPU] a chance! It’ll change your life. We’re not stressed anymore. Our journey’s in our hands now.” 

Jerry and Brenna, FPU Graduates

Common Questions (and Answers)

Anyone and everyone! Whether you’re trying to get out of debt or save for retirement, you’ll learn God’s and grandma’s ways of handling money. No matter where you are in your financial journey, Financial Peace University helps you reach your goals faster.

We can’t say yes loud enough here. Getting on the same page with your spouse about money is crucial, and FPU has been a game changer for millions of couples.

Plus, it doesn’t cost extra for them to come—you’re both covered when you buy FPU.

Financial Peace University has nine lessons. Most FPU classes meet once a week for nine weeks to go through one lesson each week. The sessions usually last one to two hours to give plenty of time for activities and discussions.

Absolutely. Once you join a class, you’ll automatically get access to everything you need to go through the class—including a digital workbook. If you want a hard copy of the workbook (and we definitely recommend it), you can always order one.

Some classes offer childcare and others don’t. When you search for classes near you, you’ll be able to see the details of each class or reach out to the coordinator before you register.

We’re not kidding—the hands-down, most effective way to change your situation with money is by taking this class with a group of other people. The accountability and support is that important!

But if you can’t find an in-person class in your area or a virtual class at a time that works for you, don’t let that stop you from taking control of your money! You can always go through Financial Peace University online at your own pace and join a class with others later.

You bet! Visit our store to purchase Financial Peace University. When you check out, just fill in the recipient’s information at the bottom of the form. After you purchase, they’ll immediately receive an email with instructions on how to set up their account and start watching the course.

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