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What's the Goal of Financial Peace?

Around here, we teach people that if you will live like no one else, then later you get to live like no one else. But what does that really mean? Does it mean that we want you to earn lots and lots of money so you get really wealthy and buy whatever you want for the rest of your life? Of course not.

There’s nothing wrong with having money. And there’s nothing wrong with using it to buy some fun stuff. There are a lot of people who have gotten the crazy idea that rich people are somehow evil or something. But it’s simply not true!

Have you ever met a rich person who was a greedy, rotten jerk? Sure! Have you met a poor person who was a greedy, rotten jerk? Of course! But there are wealthy people out there who are some of the kindest, most generous people you’ll ever meet. And there are poor people who are some of the kindest, most generous people in the world, too.

You may have heard the warning in the Bible, but pay close attention to the words of the verse. Does it say that money is the root of all evil? No! 1 Timothy 6:10 says that “the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.”

You see, money is amoral. It doesn’t have any guiding principles of its own. Having money or not having it doesn’t change who you already are. When you earn more money, it just makes you more of who you are. If you are a generous person and you get wealthy, you become a generous, wealthy person. It’s all about whose hands the money is in.

Think about a brick for a second. In the hands of the right person, a brick can be used to skillfully build a home for a family. But it the wrong hands, a brick can be used to break your car window and steal your wallet. It’s all about whose hands it’s in. The brick doesn’t care!

So there’s nothing wrong with making money or with spending it on some cool stuff for yourself! But as Dave says, “If you eat enough lobster, it starts to taste like soap.” Having stuff will never satisfy you. That’s why our ultimate goal of teaching you to take control of your money isn’t building wealth for wealth’s sake.

There are a lot of incredible things that happen when you learn to manage your money instead of letting the lack of it manage you. Here are some ways millions of families have experienced financial peace:

Financial peace strengthens relationships.

You may not realize how much your relationship with money affects your relationships with other people! When teaching about money, Dave explains how to get on the same page and eliminate money fights for good. Marriage can be hard enough, so getting rid of one source of conflict altogether is life-changing!

Financial peace brings a sense of hope and freedom.

When you find out where your money is going instead of wondering where it went, it’s amazing how much less stress you experience in life. Not only are you not worrying about bills, but you have a plan for the future. You’re giving every dollar a name on paper, on purpose, before the month begins. This brings about a sense of confidence, hope for the future, and freedom!

Financial peace changes your family tree.

What kind of financial legacy do you want to leave to your family? You may not leave millions behind someday, but it’s important to decide what kind of legacy you want to create. How would it feel to know that instead of leaving behind debt and unpaid bills, you knew your family would be taken care of—that generations to come would benefit from the wisdom you chose to live by? Now that’s changing your family tree!

Financial peace allows you the freedom to give generously.

If you’ve ever experienced what it’s like to freely give to someone else, then you’ve tasted the joy of giving. There’s nothing more fun and fulfilling to do with money than this! But when you’ve got debt payments out the wazoo, it’s hard to feel like you can give. That robs you of the opportunity to give from your God-given desire to help other people and to meet the needs you feel most passionate about. When you get in control of your money, you’re able to meet needs with joy instead of guilt. This alone is reason enough to bring financial peace into your life!


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So wherever you are in your journey to financial peace, we’re here to help. We want you to experience life to the fullest and discover a sense of peace and freedom that reaches far beyond your wallet.

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