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25 Free Online Courses You Can Start Today

So, you’re stuck at home. We know #socialdistancing may mean you’ve got more time on your hands. But instead of binging the latest reality show or staring out the window, what if you used this time to grow your mind and work on your goals?

Here are 25 online courses you can take from the comfort of your couch. And the best part? They’re free!

Go Back to School

You don’t have to be a college student to learn something new with these online courses:

1. Coursera lets you take classes from some of the top colleges and companies in subjects ranging from art to science. If you want a degree or certification, you’ll have to pay for that. But you can take most of their courses for free! Just choose the “audit only” option when you sign up.

2. Started by MIT and Harvard, edX is another great way to learn from universities and businesses around the world. Again, if you’d like a degree, that’ll cost you. But you can sit in on a virtual class at no charge.

3. Pluralsight is perfect for all you tech nerds out there. You can brush up on your JavaScript or learn web development with free classes through April.

Learn a New Language

You’ll gain an international pen pal in no time with one of these online language classes:

4. One of the top language-learning companies, Rosetta Stone, is offering a free three-month subscription for students K–12, plus a seven-day free trial for everyone else.

5. Duolingo is also a great language-learning app that tracks your progress with fun badges—and it’s completely free!

Turn Up the Music

Pull out that guitar from the back of your closet and dust off the piano. It’s time to channel your inner rock star with these online music courses:

6. Fender is offering three months of free guitar, bass and ukulele lessons right now. Rock on!

7. If keys are more your thing, Skoove will give you 25 free virtual piano lessons when you sign up for a basic membership.

8. Yousician is also great for learning a new instrument. Most of the video lessons and exercises are free to watch, but you can also take advantage of their coaching feature with a seven-day free trial of their premium membership.

Pro tip: Many musicians right now are hosting free tutorials on how to play their songs. So, search Facebook and Instagram to see if you can sit in on a live session with your favorite artist!

Get Fit

Beat the “Quarantine 15” with these online fitness resources:

9. Peloton is doing a free 90-day trial of their app, which gives you access to a mix of different workouts you can do at home (no bike necessary for many of them).

10. Need to take a deep breath and re-center? CorePower Yoga has new on-demand classes each week for free.

11. Gold’s Gym is offering free use of their app through the end of May. You’ll get access to workouts, coaching and music playlists to help you crush your fitness goals.

12. If you want to learn the psychology behind taking care of your body, Noom is offering a 14-day free trial of their weight loss program.

13. There are also tons of great workout routines for free on YouTube, like POPSUGAR Fitness and Yoga with Adriene.

Create Something

Now’s the perfect time to tap into your creative side with these virtual courses:


Want to build a non-anxious life? Learn how in Dr. John Delony’s new book.

14. Whether you want to learn how to draw, improve your photography skills, or make a documentary, Skillshare is a great way to fine-tune your craft. They’re currently offering two free months of their premium membership, which gives you access to over 20,000 courses. But you can also watch many of their classes for free without a membership.

15. If you want to become a master chef or just get creative with what you’ve got in your pantry, Rouxbe is doing a free 30-day trial that gives you access to cooking classes and plenty of delicious recipes. Yum!

16. Writing the next great American novel? NoRedInk has free writing classes and exercises to help you find the right words.

17. Creativebug is partnering with JOANN to offer two months of free DIY crafting video lessons (like sewing, calligraphy and Cricut crafts) for all skill levels.

18. With so much time indoors, you might be itching to paint a wall or redesign your kitchen. The Home Depot has over 2,000 free digital DIY home improvement workshops to help you become the handyman or handywoman you’ve always wanted to be.

Invest in Your Career

Take your career to the next level with these online resources:

19. If you’re between jobs or just want to grow your professional development skills, check out LinkedIn Learning. They have tons of classes on tools like Excel and Photoshop, and they even recommend courses based on your career goals. They are currently offering one free month of classes.

20. Now’s a great time to watch all those TED Talks you’ve saved. Learn more about your career field, gain inspiration, and find out what it takes to overcome your fear of public speaking. There are over 3,000 talks on everything from social justice and communication to health and the latest technology. And it’s always free!

21. Looking for career advice? Look no further than Ramsey Personality Ken Coleman. The Ken Coleman Show is practically a master class in itself. He’ll help you discover your passion and learn how to get where you want to be. Listen to Ken’s podcast and check out his awesome, free resources to help you navigate whatever job situation you’re in.

Raise Up Little Einsteins

Don’t forget about the kids! You can keep them entertained with these fun and educational activities:

22. YouTube Learning has lots of great video lessons for all ages. You can explore videos by subject (like math and science), and you can even take virtual field trips!

23. For any young scientists in the making, The Laboratory Collective has interactive science classes that are free and fun for the whole family.

24. Check out this list from Rachel Cruze for even more fun learning activities to do with your kids during this time!

Get Your Money on Track

25. We can’t talk about online classes without mentioning our personal favorite—the lessons inside of the Ramsey+ membership. In video lessons you can watch from home, you’ll learn how to pay off debt, save for emergencies, and invest for your future.

And great news! You can try Ramsey+ for free today. You’ll get all the video lessons, plus plenty of awesome tools and resources to help you get your money on the right track—right now.

Go ahead and grab Ramsey+ so you can check “get finances in order” off your quarantine bucket list!

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