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10 Tips for Leading FPU

Thinking about leading Financial Peace University? No question—this stuff changes people’s lives. And leading a class? It’ll change yours too. But you might be wondering, How do I lead an epic FPU class?

We could give you some ideas. But we’d rather you hear straight from the experts—our family of coordinators! (They’ve been doing this for over 25 years, guys.) We’ve collected 10 of their time-tested tips to leading a life-changing FPU class.

1. Prayer Really Works

This should come as no surprise—God listens. Pray for each of your class members by name before and after every lesson and ask God to move powerfully in their lives. Then, let Him handle the rest.

2. Touch Base During the Week

Don’t let your class meetings be your only point of contact. Text or email your class members during the week to encourage, check in, and offer helpful tips. We’ll even set you up with resources like email templates to make connecting easier.

3. Get Vulnerable

Talking about money is already uncomfortable. Break the ice first by sharing your hills and valleys with money throughout the lessons. When you trust your members with your story, they’ll start to trust you with theirs.

4. Lead a Virtual Class

In our digital age, many FPU class members (and coordinators) actually prefer a digital option for FPU. By leading a virtual class, you can change lives from the Carolinas to California—all without leaving your couch. Or your pajamas. We won’t tell.

“We hosted our first virtual class on Sunday, and it went fantastic! First time in the four weeks that we had perfect attendance.”  — Laura H.

5. Cash Back—the Good Kind

If you’re in a position to do so, offer to refund part of the cost of the class if they attend at least eight out of the nine lessons.

6. Give Some Inspiration

Play Turning Point videos or Debt-Free Screams before each lesson to remind your class members that others have blazed the trail—and they can do it too!

7. Extra Reading for Extra Effort

Raffle off or give out copies of The Total Money MakeoverLove Your Life, Not Theirs or other Ramsey books to class members who had perfect attendance through the entire class.

8. To Be Unclear Is to Be Unkind

On day one, level with your class. You don’t get paid to do this. You’re a volunteer. Remind them that what they get out of the class is directly proportional to what they put in.

9. Bonus Bucks

Here’s how this fun idea works: Purchase some fake dollar bills and a jar. Write your members’ names on the bills and put them in the jar when they put in the effort—one for coming to class, two for hitting a Baby Step, five for cutting up a credit card, whatever you want. At the end of the nine weeks, draw names for prizes. More bills means more chances to win.

10. It’s Not You—It’s Them

Some of your class members just won’t be ready to change. And you can’t make them. Even if all else fails, remember that every single person who comes to your class represents a family tree changed.

And remember the most important tip of all: HAVE FUN! You’ll connect with your community of fellow coordinators in a Facebook group, where you can ask questions, share ideas, celebrate victories, and win together!

If you’re ready to help people win with money and change their lives, become a Financial Peace University coordinator today. Lead a virtual class and start making a difference right from your own home.

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