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Brittany Paid Off 100K in Debt Making How Much?

When Brittany graduated college, she celebrated by going $20,000 in debt for a brand-new car.

“I thought I owed it to myself,” she says. “I thought I deserved it.”

Add that to the $80,000 in student loans she’d accumulated, and she was headed the wrong way, fast.

Fortunately, the Chattanooga, Tennessee, resident had family members who were a little wiser than she was at the time. Her mom gave her Financial Peace University (FPU) as a Christmas gift, even offering to attend every class with her and take her out to eat each time. With those kinds of perks, Brittany couldn’t refuse. Not only did she end up going through FPU once, but she also attended two more times—just to make sure it stuck.

That launched Brittany on a five-year journey to pay off her $100,000 of debt. And she did it all while earning an average of $40,000 a year at her job.

“It was a huge, huge load,” she says. “I had a huge hole and a tiny shovel, but I had a lot of faith. And I had the Lord on my side, and I just kept going. No matter how much debt you have, you can do it! It took me five years, but I did it!”

Once her debt was gone, the blessings in her life just kept coming: She earned a substantial raise at work and paid for her wedding with cash!

Watch the rest of Brittany’s story below:


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