SmartDollar General Statement:
Information Security

SmartDollar is a business unit within Ramsey Solutions, which provides a financial wellness benefit called "SmartDollar" (a software application accessible via the web).

SmartDollar is the only holistic financial wellness solution that leads to lasting behavior change. Rather than simply addressing the symptoms, SmartDollar gets to the root of why people aren’t on track for retirement. Employees will learn how to get on a budget, save for emergencies, eliminate debt, and start saving for their future. Our online platform provides 24/7 access to a proven, step-by-step plan, inspiring and motivating content, best-in-class budgeting and money tools, and a wide variety of questions and answers to help people anytime, anywhere and on any device no matter where they are with their personal finances.

SmartDollar clients and end users are not required to transmit, and SmartDollar does not receive, sensitive data or information subject to regulation (e.g., PCI/DSS, HIPAA, etc.) in order to access and use the SmartDollar product. SmartDollar does not process or store any such data elements as part of its service offering.

At SmartDollar, we understand the importance of having a strong stance regarding risk management and information security.  Under the umbrella of IT governance, our Director of Information Security ensures ongoing alignment between company leadership and security-industry best practices and is responsible for providing strategic direction to the organization by identifying and managing information-related risk to SmartDollar, its partners, clients, and end users. We consistently work to improve our security posture and provide assurance that the proper measure of security disciplines and controls are implemented.

To ensure that our digital content is delivered safely and securely to our clients and that client information is handled appropriately, we continue to make security-training investments in the areas of IT system design and application development.  SmartDollar works with several industry-leading security technologies and service providers to develop and demonstrate multiple security disciplines and capabilities. Examples of these capabilities include information risk management, identity and access management, data security (e.g., strong encryption for data in-transit and at-rest), physical security, threat assessment and vulnerability management, business and technological resiliency, sound backup practices, secure application development practices, and end-user security awareness.

We use state-of-the-art web application security, endpoint security, anti-virus protection, continuous network monitoring tools, and web application firewalls, along with many other security solutions to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of SmartDollar systems, client-provided information (e.g., participant eligibility files), and any data end users elect to input into the SmartDollar application.

The protection, privacy, and security of information that interfaces with SmartDollar is of utmost importance to us. We use the CIS Critical Security Controls (CIS/SANS Top 20) framework as a benchmark for selecting and employing safeguards, building applications, and designing infrastructure. We will continue to advance and evolve our risk management and information security posture in a rational and intentional manner that is appropriately proportional to the data elements involved with SmartDollar.