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SEPTEMBER 30, 2012


September 27, 2012




NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Friday, September 28, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Dave Ramsey will mark his 20th year in radio with a special episode of “The Dave Ramsey Show.”


“I’m still surprised and honored that people call me at some of the most difficult and personal moments in their lives,” said Ramsey. “Giving people hope for their future and seeing lives changed is why I do this every day.”


The special episode of “The Dave Ramsey Show” will include well wishes from celebrities, friends and family; glimpses into the party at Ramsey’s Financial Peace Plaza; a look back at the history of the show; and calls from long-time listeners and second generation callers. Video of the show will be streamed live online. For more information about the special event visit or follow @RamseyShow on Twitter (#TDRS20).


Ramsey refers to his radio career as a “happy accident.” In 1992, he was a guest on a radio show on WWTN 99.7 FM. The station was in bankruptcy and could not pay the host – so the host quit. Ramsey and two friends offered to take the time slot in exchange for commercial time that they could sell. His friends went on to other ventures, but Ramsey continued the show and began syndicating it nationwide. Twenty years later, the show is the largest independently owned, operated and syndicated program on radio. 


Ramsey gives credit to his team: “I didn’t do this on my own. Our producer, Blake Thompson, associate producer, Lara Johnson, engineer Matt Aaron and many other people have made it what it is today. I have the best crew in radio, and we’ve been together for a long time, which is unheard of in the radio industry.”


The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey offers life-changing financial advice as host of a nationally syndicated radio program, “The Dave Ramsey Show,” which has more than 5 million listeners weekly. The show is heard on more than 500 radio stations and The Dave Ramsey Channel on iHeartRadio. The three-hour live radio talk show focuses on life and how it happens to revolve around money. To ask Ramsey a question or to share your debt free story, call in during the show at 1-888-825-5225 or send an e-mail to For more information about “The Dave Ramsey Show” visit Follow Ramsey on Twitter @DaveRamsey or “The Dave Ramsey Show” @RamseyShow.


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“The Dave Ramsey Show”