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15 High-Paying Remote Jobs (and Companies Hiring)

The job market has never changed as much (or as drastically) as it has over the past few years. More people have quit their jobs, switched jobs, and started brand-new careers than ever before! And many folks are opting for remote work they can do from home.

I’m a big believer in the benefits of working in-person in an office setting. After all, that’s a big part of what creates connection and collaboration and helps with team building. But for people looking for more flexibility or a career change, a high-paying remote job can be just the ticket.

Here are 15 high-paying remote jobs you can explore to boost your income, gain career experience, and enjoy the flexibility and comfort of working from your very own home.

15 High-Paying Remote Jobs

If you’re considering making a career switch, there are plenty of work-from-home jobs you can explore. After learning more about these high-paying remote jobs, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of work-from-home role will suit you the best. Keep in mind that many of these jobs require previous experience and technical skills—so if you’re early on in your career, you may need to get some experience and certifications under your belt. And if you’re a seasoned professional hoping for a promotion in an industry you’re already familiar with, you can explore companies currently hiring for these remote roles. (And don’t forget that you’ll probably need to update your resumé before you start your job hunt! This will give you the best chance at landing an interview and moving into a new career opportunity.)

1. Data Scientist

Average salary $153,137

Salary range: $127,000–178,0001

Job summary: Remote data scientists help organizations understand patterns in data by collecting and analyzing information from websites, sales, marketing and more.

Career outlook: Data scientist careers are expected to grow 36% through 2031. This is massive growth and much faster than average!2

Companies hiring: Hilton Grand Vacations, Northern Arizona University, Stryker

2. Cloud Architect

Average salary $144,432

Salary range: $123,500–166,0003

Job summary: Cloud architects build computing systems that connect web servers for data storage and other IT functions for companies using services like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, for example.

Career outlook: Cloud architect careers are looking at a rate of 9% growth until 2031. That’s a little faster than average.4

Companies hiring: L.L. Bean, Comcast, Stanley Black & Decker

3. Telemedicine Nurse Practitioner

Average salary $131,543

Salary range: $110,000–148,5005

Job summary: Remote nurse practitioners provide medical consultations and treatment for patients through online health services.

Career outlook: Registered nurse careers should experience an estimated 6% growth—an average rate—until 2031.6

Companies hiring: Thriveworks, Restore Hyper Wellness, Brightside Health

4. Developer

Average salary $125,932

Salary range: $105,000–146,5007

Job summary: Remote developers design and create software and applications for their employers or clients. They help lead programmers in coding programs and then test their products for quality.

Career outlook: Developer jobs are expected to grow 23% through 2031, which is a much faster rate than many other occupations.8

Companies hiring: Walgreens, Dropbox, Cornell University

5. Product Designer (Senior)

Average salary $122,026

Salary range: $99,000–151,5009

Job summary: Senior product designers lead teams of designers to brainstorm new products. It’s popular for product designers to work in manufacturing, software design, tech and government.

Career outlook: Product designers (also known as digital designers) are expected to experience 23% career growth until 2031.10

Companies hiring: Dropbox, Hopper, Loom

6. User Experience Researcher

Average salary $119,911

Salary range: $76,500–154,00011

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Job summary: User experience (UX) researchers work to understand how customers interact with products and services. They look at audience behavior and needs and conduct surveys, interviews and other tests to report on ways to improve products and services.

Career outlook: User experience researcher jobs are expected to grow about 15% over the next few years.12

Companies hiring: Vanguard, Staffingly, GoodMaps



7. Cyber Security Analyst

Average salary $109,728

Salary range: $88,000–127,50013

Job summary: Cyber security analysts monitor network systems for threats and attacks—and then analyze how to minimize that threat and protect data.

Career outlook: Cyber security and information security analyst careers are expected to grow a whopping 35% until 2031.14

Companies hiring: Orange County, California, Northrop Grumman, Epsilon

8. Technical Writer

Average salary $78,388

Salary range: $62,000–93,50015

Job summary: Technical writers create documents explaining complicated technical information in simple ways. These documents include instruction manuals, scientific journal articles and computer and technology processes and applications.

Career outlook: Technical writer job opportunities are expected to grow 6% until 2031, which is about average.16

Companies hiring: Twitch, Spokeo, Stanford University

9. Inside Sales Manager

Average salary $72,212

Salary range: $52,000–89,50017

Job summary: Inside sales managers oversee the sales division of a company. Their responsibilities include hiring and training a sales team, meeting sales goals, and staying up on technology and leadership skills.

Career outlook: Sales manager careers are expected to grow 5% until 2031, which is about average.18

Companies hiring: Redesign Health, Ardmore Home Design, SeaDream Yacht Club

10. Social Media Marketing Manager

Average salary $65,997

Salary range: $36,500–70,00019

Job summary: Remote social media managers oversee advertising and campaigns on social media platforms. They can determine strategy and creative direction and monitor campaign results.

Career outlook: Marketing manager careers are projected to grow 10% over the next few years. This is faster than average.20

Companies hiring: World Resources Institute, NCSOFT, Citizen Data

11. Corporate Recruiter

Average salary $65,950

Salary range: $54,000–76,00021

Job summary: Corporate recruiters support the company they work for by finding, interviewing, and helping to hire new staff. They typically specialize in high-level positions like management and C-suite executives.

Career outlook: Human resources specialists, like recruiters, are expected to see 8% career growth through 2031.22

Companies hiring: Lockheed Martin, Brakes Plus, Nike

12. Grant Writer

Average salary: $65,478

Salary range: $51,000–70,00023

Job summary: Grant writers research and apply for funding opportunities that will help support their organization. They also decide which grant should be applied for and help collect the documents for the application.

Career outlook: Grant writing careers are expected to grow by about 4% until 2031.24

Companies hiring: Ruby’s Place, Habitat for Humanity, Catholic Charities

13. Business Development Representative

Average salary $59,025

Salary range: $44,000–69,00025

Job summary: Business development professionals help marketing and sales teams find new sales opportunities and ways to expand product and service offerings. They also explore business markets so marketing teams can create effective strategies and campaigns.

Career outlook: Business development specialists and representatives are expected to see 8% growth through 2031.26

Companies hiring: Best Version Media, DeVry University, Grammarly

14. Video Editor

Average salary $58,972

Salary range: $40,000–73,50027

Job summary: Remote video editors use computer software and other tech equipment to alter and rearrange video content. They take raw footage and optimize the sound, colors and other visual elements to make a production.

Career outlook: Film and video editor jobs are expected to grow 12% through 2031—this is much faster than average.28

Companies hiring: Greatness Media, Tecovas, LifeWay Christian Resources

15. Remote Inpatient Coder

Average salary $51,203

Salary range: $43,500–53,00029

Job summary: Inpatient coders work for inpatient health facilities and enter codes for medical diagnoses and procedures into software for billing.

Career outlook: Medical records jobs, like inpatient coders, are expected to grow 7% through 2031.30

Companies hiring: Banner Health, Oregon Health & Science University, HonorHealth

Benefits of Working From Home

Working from home has its perks. First of all, you get to trade a long drive during rush-hour traffic for just a few steps into your living room or office. Not to mention, you’ll always have the company of your pet and houseplants, and you’ll be in an environment you can completely control. (There’s nothing quite like setting the thermostat exactly how you like it.) And it’s even possible that you can land a remote, high-paying job without a degree. That’s a win!

If you prefer working in an office, that's okay too. Personally, I enjoy the enhanced communication you get and the deeper relationships you build in an office setting. Either way, don't quit your job or do anything else drastic without taking time to really think about the best path forward for your individual situation.

Next Steps

1. Take some time to think about whether working at home or in an office fits best with your personality.

2. If you’re considering changing careers or simply getting a new job in a field you love, take my Get Clear Career Assessment to get the clarity you need to identify which jobs would be a good fit for you. You’ll get a custom report that clarifies your top talents, passions and mission so you can discover multiple ways to do meaningful work in your career field.

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