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What Is Ramsey+?

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Sometimes you wake up one morning and feel like the whole world has changed. Like when everyone suddenly loved avocado on their toast. Or that time the whole world was watching some TV show about a Tiger King. Or when people all of a sudden started talking about something called Ramsey+ and you were like, Wait—did Dave Ramsey partner with Disney?

Nope. That didn’t happen.

But we did pull together our most helpful, life-changing teachings and tools all in one place. They’ll give you the best possible experience as you conquer debt, master the fine art of saving, and live in a way that lets your money know who’s boss. So, what the heck is Ramsey+ anyway? Let’s dive in . . .

What Is Ramsey+?

That’s a good question. The official answer is: It’s an all-access membership chock-full of our bestselling money tools, apps, content and resources that will walk with you during your entire money journey so you always know the next right step. The less stuffy answer to that question is: It’s a go-to hub for all your needs when it comes to slaying debt, saving like you mean it, investing for the future, and living and giving like no one else.

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Take control of your money with a FREE Ramsey+ trial.

Still confused? That’s okay. Let’s keep going.

What’s Included in Ramsey+?

All right, let’s clear the air here and cover the most important thing first—Ramsey+ includes Financial Peace University! If you’re ready to take the course that has helped nearly 6 million people with their money, then you’ll do that through your Ramsey+ membership now.

Think of Ramsey+ like an encouraging and motivating running partner. Where FPU trained you for the marathon, helped you warm up, and then let you step onto the racetrack by yourself, Ramsey+ is going to run the race with you—even as you hit each milestone.

Were you ready to start FPU and then COVID happened? Yeah, it’s derailed a lot of the plans we all had for 2020. But here’s the great news! You don’t have to let it stop you from taking control of your money. With Ramsey+, you can watch (and re-watch) FPU and go through the Action Steps in each lesson all at your own pace. And if you want to get connected with a group, you still can! Just sign up for a virtual FPU class inside your Ramsey+ membership. It’s that easy.

Learn with FinancialPeace


Okay, so we already covered that Ramsey+ includes FPU, but did you know it doesn’t just stop there? Since Ramsey+ will be with you along each step of your marathon, your membership comes with access to other great courses like:

  • Jump Start
  • Budgeting That Actually Works
  • The Legacy Journey
  • Smart Money Smart Kids
  • Know Yourself, Know Your Money

Plus, we’re working on a ton of other content that will be added as time goes on. With your Ramsey+ membership, you have access to all of this information in a one-stop shop.

And if you have a money question—like if you’re stumped about whether or not you should buy a home while still paying off your student loans—you now have access to the Ask a Coach feature, which gets you a free call with a Ramsey Preferred Coach. It’s almost as good as getting Dave Ramsey to answer your question live on-air. Almost. And since we’re talking about Dave, sometimes he even hosts a member-only webinar where he takes your questions live! How’s that for the VIP treatment?

Budget with EveryDollar


You’ve probably heard of EveryDollar, our awesome (and free) budgeting app that helps you stay on top of your budget. It really is the key to knowing (and planning!) exactly where your money is going every single month. You can download the free version of the app at any time, but if you have Ramsey+, you get access to all the extra premium features. Like what? Glad you asked!

With Ramsey+, EveryDollar syncs up to your bank account—meaning every time you make a purchase, that transaction is waiting there in the app for you to track it in your budget. You don’t have to manually enter in your $8.75 lunch at Chick-fil-A under the “eating out” category. Instead, your expenses and income stream right into your budget. Then you just drag and drop them to their correct budget category. No more playing catch-up at the end of the week trying to manually enter in your receipts. No more trying to remember how much your dinner cost last night. No more.

And for all the nerds out there (we mean that affectionately, of course), here’s an EveryDollar premium perk sure to get you jazzed: insights! Yes, if you’re still clinging to your spreadsheet and all the detailed information it gives you, then you’re going to love the Insights feature. Basically, at the end of the month, you’ll get to download your monthly spending report. You can decipher and sift through every detail to your heart’s content (or until your free-spirit spouse cracks a joke about you).

It is super helpful though (don’t let that free spirit tell you otherwise). You can dive into exactly where your money has been going throughout the year. And it’s hard to argue with pie charts and bar graphs telling you the crazy amount you spent on dog treats this year . . . whoops. You can see what your biggest spending categories are and learn where you might need to make some tweaks. Bottom line? This feature is really the best way to understand your money habits all in one spot. And the only way you can change a habit (or celebrate one) is if you know about it!  

Track with BabySteps


Yep, you can track your budget in Ramsey+, but did you also know you can track the progress you’re making on your Baby Steps too? Yes! With your Ramsey+ membership, you’ll get our new app, BabySteps. Now you can see exactly what Baby Step you’re on, how much of your goal you’ve already crushed, and how much is left to tackle.

So let’s say you’re on Baby Step 2 and have paid $7,500 toward your total debt of $15,000. That’s awesome! You’re killing it! And you only have another $7,500 left to go. In the BabySteps app, you’ll see exactly how much money is going to each debt in your debt snowball, get tips on how to become debt-free ever faster, and get your official debt-free date.

There’s even a cool visual to see how far you’re coming on that debt snowball. Yeah, those thermometer payoff trackers are fine and dandy—but they’ve got nothing on this. The BabySteps app is slick! But you can’t buy the app by itself. Sorry, folks. This is an exclusive app for Ramsey+ members only. Fancy, we know.

But this tracker isn’t just for people who are paying off debt. It’s a great tool to use as you save up your emergency fund (the starter or the big papa of 3–6 months), fund your investments, save up for the kids’ college funds or tackle paying off the house! Watch the quick wins stack up along the way and get excited as you get close to hitting each goal.

I Already Went Through Financial Peace University—Why Do I Still Need Ramsey+?

So, yes, you do get FPU with your Ramsey+ membership. But Ramsey+ is so much more than that. First of all, FPU is just one of the many courses we offer—it’s our flagship course (and it’s amazing), but the reality is, you need more content on your financial journey than just FPU. That’s why we’re creating a ton of new content and courses all the time!

But let’s be real, you need more than just (really great) content. You can learn everything you need to know about money and still not make progress. Head knowledge won’t do you any good if you don’t do anything with it. You have to put what you learn into action—and that starts with your budget. But you have to actively pay attention to it too. How do you know if you’re pointing your dollars in the right direction? Stay on top of things and track your progress so you always know exactly where you stand!

And did you notice we said “financial journey” up there? Not “financial milestone.” The thing is, following the plan doesn’t mean you’ll one day arrive at the finish line. Sure, the goal is to pay off all of your debt so you can live and give like no one else. But even then, you’ll still live on a budget and continue to save up for things. There’s no “I’ve arrived” destination here. So that means you need something to guide you on this journey—even when you’re on the later steps like Baby Steps 6 and 7. And that is where Ramsey+ comes in.

Ramsey+ Pricing

It’s time to play everyone’s favorite game: How Much Is It? And like you already know, we like knowing how much things cost too. So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details of it all: You can get a one-year membership to Ramsey+ for $129.99. If you’re on the fence about it, sign up for the free trial of Ramsey+ first. It’s a great way to take a look around and get a feel for all the awesome features jam-packed in this thing.

Everything You Need to Know About the Free Trial

Let’s just throw this out there: We’re skeptical of free trials too. “Cancel anytime”—oh, sure. “No hassle”—for who exactly? No matter how risk free it all sounds, we’re always on the lookout for the risk, because we like our money and want to keep it in our pocket, just like you. So if you’re really uneasy about jumping into a free trial, we get it.

Here’s the good news though: There’s no drama here. We’re serious about that. If you want to bow out at the end of the free trial, we won’t make you jump through a bunch of fiery hoops to do it (and there will be no hard feelings either, we promise).

So, do the trial. Check it out. And if Ramsey+ doesn’t work for you, then just go ahead and cancel. We’ll miss you, but we understand if it’s not a good fit for you right now. If you do want to stick around (and we sure hope you do!) then your card will be charged after your free trial comes to an end (full disclosure).

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the free trial, take Ramsey+ for a spin, and see what it has to offer! What have you got to lose, except for some debt?

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