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Ramsey Solutions Brings “Building Wealth” Live Event to Nashville on January 12

DECEMBER 19, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — After hitting a 40-year high, inflation continues to be a major cause of stress for Americans. According to the latest edition of The State of Personal Finance by Ramsey Solutions, 40% of people surveyed say they have suffered an anxiety attack due to money issues1. The report also finds a distressing 4 in 10 Americans report having $0 in savings.

To combat these startling statistics, Ramsey Solutions is hosting an event to give attendees a proven plan for building wealth and eliminating money stress, even in times of uncertainty. Building Wealth Live will take place Thursday, January 12, at 6:30 p.m. CT at Ramsey Solutions Headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee.

Join nationally syndicated radio host, personal finance expert and national bestselling author, Dave Ramsey, along with co-hosts of “The Ramsey Show” Rachel Cruze, George Kamel, Dr. John Delony and Ken Coleman to learn about:

  • How to battle rising inflation in 2023 by finding margin in your budget
  • How to identify risk and bulk up your emergency fund
  • How to build real wealth by investing and saving for retirement — starting now
  • The simple money plan that’ll help you live the life you want

“The reality is, you work too hard to feel this broke,” said Dave Ramsey. “In hard economic times and in good economic times, you have to prepare for your financial future. From my 30 years on the radio, I’ve seen over and over that real millionaires follow a proven plan for their money. This event will show you it’s possible for you too.”

To learn more about Building Wealth Nashville and to purchase an event pass, visit