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Apay Financial Joins Ramsey Solutions

NOVEMBER 17, 2021

Nashville, Tenn. – The Apay Financial team is joining Ramsey Solutions to further the company’s message of hope through innovative digital products.

Apay Financial, Inc. was founded by Blake Wood and Owen Brady in 2019 to help people take control of their student loan debt. Joining forces with Ramsey Solutions will allow millions more people to take control of their financial futures – from paying off debt to building wealth – through Ramsey’s suite of financial apps found in Ramsey+.

“Our mission at apay was to empower people with a personal finance tool that helped users understand their student loans, keep track and monitor their progress, and get out of debt as quickly as possible,” said Blake Wood, former CEO of Apay Financial. “Joining Ramsey allows us to do that on an even larger scale.”

“Apay Financial is a great example of a fintech company on a similar mission as we are,” said Brendan Wovchko, Senior Technology officer at Ramsey Solutions. “We’re always looking to add technology, products and people to our team that empower others in all areas of their lives.”

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