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How to Use Your Strengths to Win With Money

Imagine someone putting $10,000 on your kitchen table and saying, "This is for you." Once you catch your breath, what do you do with the money?

Your answer is usually based on your personality type. That might make you freak out if you aren’t good with numbers, but don’t worry! All personalities have their weaknesses, but they also have strengths.

A detail person probably wants to make a plan for the cash. The get-it-done guy or gal starts mentally spending or investing the money. A dreamer might picture the ultimate beach vacation with their family. See? Every personality type has strengths! When you find yours, you take a huge step toward getting control of your money.

If you aren’t sure which personality style you are, it’s pretty easy to find out. Our favorite test, the DISC Profile System, lists four types of personalities—D (Decisive), I (Interactive), S (Stabilizing) and C (Cautious)—and the traits of each.

Let’s check them out!

"D" Personality

If you’re a high D, you’re decisive—make the call and make it happen. You can look at a menu and pick the entrée you want before the server takes your drink order. Goal setting is one of your strengths. Once you’ve made up your mind about something, look out.

Your View of Money: As a get-it-done person, you think money should be constantly working, whether it’s paying off that Visa balance or investing in a mutual fund. On the flip side, you get antsy when money is just sitting there in an emergency fund. You think that cash should be doing something.

Making That View Work for You: Use your energy and focus to your advantage. Set goals for your money and work hard to reach them. Give yourself permission to slow down when you’re faced with a big money decision. Once you’re sure of the best move to make, go for it.

"I" Personality

Interactive people such as yourself enjoy hanging out with others. You like the idea of throwing a surprise birthday party, and you love the thought of everyone showing up and having fun! You dream big and like to be in the action.

Your View of Money: Spending money is a good way to have a great time! Money is a tool that you can use to enjoy life with people, whether it’s dinner or a Disney trip. It’s good to have a household budget, but you’d rather budget for a vacation with your friends.

Making That View Work for You: Let your dreams motivate you! Cast a vision of what you want your short-term and long-term money situations to look like. Then list the steps you’ll take to achieve them.

"S" Personality

S stands for stabilizing. That’s you. You’re big on routines and relationships, and you take pride in being dependable. Like a high D, you know what you want for dinner at the restaurant—but in your case, it’s because you’ve been there a couple dozen times.

Your View of Money: Since you are loyal, it’s tough to let go of that first credit card you got when you were in college. You want bills paid on time and in full. If they’re not, that creates a feeling of tension—and tension’s not your thing.

Making That View Work for You: You like routines, so set up positive ones. Live on a budget. Pay extra on your debts each month. Invest for retirement. Once you get the hang of all that, you’ll be comfortable while making progress with your money. Double win!

"C" Personality

You, the high Cs among us, are cautious. You’re a person who enjoys detailed plans—talking about them, making them and reviewing them. Oh, and surprises . . . yeah, you’re not a big fan of them.

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Your View of Money: Since you’re an ace at getting information, then price shopping and finding deals come naturally to you. Budgeting is also up your alley, but prioritizing can be tough. Why? Because it seems like there’s never enough money to accomplish everything you want to do.

Making That View Work for You: Use your attention to detail! Make a monthly budget and track your spending. List all your money goals, create plans to achieve them, and go after the most important ones first.

Everyone has personality strengths they can use to take control of their money. Find yours. If you’re married, work with your spouse to decide who should take the lead on things like budgeting or goal setting. That’s the best way to get your DISC on!

No matter your personality, you can win with money! Find out how with Financial Peace University, the course with your step-by-step plan to getting out of debt, getting on a budget, and gaining control of your finances. For real. For good. 

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