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Building Unstoppable Momentum

In 1971, the final episode of The Beverly Hillbillies was broadcast on television sets across the country. After 247 episodes, Jed, Granny, Elly May and Jethro performed for the final time.

Nearly 40 years later, though, The Beverly Hillbillies theme song lives on. You’re probably humming it right now, aren’t you?

Isn’t it interesting that a television show that filmed its last episode in 1971 made such an impact—not only on people who watched the show during its run, but also on people born well after it ended?

Think about this: If a television show can make that type of impact, imagine what the body of Christ could do! So what are you doing today that will affect your church and community 50 years from now?

Winning at anything starts with momentum. But momentum doesn’t just happen. It’s not some sort of random occurrence that miraculously appears. We’ve got to create momentum. We can’t just sit back and wait for God to “bless us” with success without acknowledging that we have a role to play.

St. Augustine said, “You’ve got to pray like it all depends on God and work like it all depends on you.” James 2:26 says, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” There is a balance between works and faith, so you have a role to play in this deal.

Momentum isn’t just some abstract concept. In fact, Dave discovered that the power of momentum can be summed up in the Momentum Theorem: Fi/T(G) = M Focused intensity, over time, multiplied by God, equals unstoppable momentum.

Let’s dig into this formula a little deeper:


Without focus, you’re going to be like the rest of our A.D.D. culture. When you try to do everything at once, you don’t get anything done. Like a wide receiver who has to focus on the football instead of the defender, you’ve got to have tunnel vision to win. And when you actually start to focus, you’ll begin to stand out in a culture that doesn’t have any.


The poster boy for intensity is the lunatic fan who’s painted in red, sitting on the front row, and living and dying with every score. Now put that kind of intensity into your marriage, your job, your calling—things that matter. What would that look like? Intensity moves things, makes things happen. Combine intensity with focus, and you are ready to start building momentum.


Yes, intensity moves things. But if you’re only focused and intense for a few days, you aren’t going to move anything. This is the hardest part of the Momentum Theorem. Paul said to “run the race in such a way as to win the prize.” You’re not in a sprint; you’re in a marathon. The tortoise wins the race every single time. He stays the course, keeps his eye on the finish line, and never, ever quits.


This is the most important part of the theorem. Sure, you can do all these things by yourself. Staying focused and intense over time will lead to good results. But it will wear you out. That’s when you just have to let things go—take that focused intensity over time and give it to God. When you do that, God steps into your effort and gives you energy and the ability to win.

Unstoppable Momentum

If you’ll stay focused and shed all the distractions, and if you’ll consistently, over a long period of time, stay intense and passionate about your calling, then you’ll begin to see unstoppable momentum in your life and in your church.

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Decades from now, your kids and grandkids—and future generations in your church—will look back and know that you were doing something that mattered, something that made a difference. That’s the kind of impact unstoppable momentum can make.

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