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Favorite Fall Traditions

Every family has fun seasonal traditions, regardless of what Baby Step they're currently on. Dave's Facebook and Twitter fans shared some of their favorite traditions that make this time of year great. Check out what they had to say and share your own!


@kale26: College football!

@PurelyElegant: Fave fall pastimes include decorating the house, apple picking and lots of baking! It's a great time to revisit the budget, too!

@danimamma: Getting ready to peel apples for apple crisp! Kids get their hands sticky playing with the peel laces, and the house smells delish!

@pappasmurg55: Football, football and more football! Oh yes ... and the start of FPU season.


Annette: My favorite fall tradition is a family trip to the cider mill for fresh cider and warm donuts. We usually take a walk in the apple orchard and take new pictures of the family.

Linda: Pumpkins everywhere, decorating the house and both my kids were born in the fall so it always brings back good memories!

Richard: We make a yearly trip to a local farm or market. We enjoy the fresh goods and purchase some pumpkins, hay bales and stalks to decorate our house. I just love a cool, crisp fall day, especially on the weekends.

Karen: I always wait until just the right time as the maple leaves fall on my walkway and front stoop. Then I take a yearly picture of my front walk with pumpkins and mums. That's a signal that my husband can finally blow the leaves off. Every fall, we have the discussion, " Is it time yet?"

Tina: Fall festivals and hiking!

Paul: Making apple butter over an open fire with homemade doughnuts and cider.

Debbie: Firepits in the back yard, hot dogs and s'mores. Now that's the good life, America!

Brandy: Pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin spice latte.

Gregory: High school football and parched peanuts.

Wanda: Cooling off! Sweating less often. In fact, that may be my favorite tradition of all time.

Vicki: Football, apples and bonfires, hot dogs roasted in the fire and marshmallows. Family snuggled together watching football and cheering on our favorite team!

Adam: Making a pile of leaves and jumping in them. Yes, I'm 22 and I still do that!

What are some of your favorite autumn traditions?

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