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Hitting financial goals is a lot like reaching fitness goals—it's nearly impossible all by yourself. But with a coach and a community, you’ll gain confidence and make real progress with your money. Get unlimited group coaching in Ramsey+.

Only available in Ramsey Plus
Group coaching zoom call
Ramsey coaches and a family who became debt free.

What does group financial coaching look like?

Interactive, virtual group calls with coach-led Q&A

Best practices taught by real financial experts

Money myths debunked in words you can understand

Personalized guidance for all financial situations—including debt, investing and increasing your income

Why Group Coaching Works

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Relevant Topics

You won’t find any outdated financial blah blah blah here. From crypto to inflation, our coaches have seen it all—and they’re ready for your questions too!

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Expert Advice

These aren’t just any coaches—these are Dave Ramsey’s expertly trained financial coaches. They help people get answers to all of their money questions.

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The best part about group coaching: You’re not alone! With a group coaching community, you’re always among friends who are trying to figure out this money stuff too.

75% of attendees feel more hopeful after attending a session
"Meredith taught me that I AM in control of my financial destiny. I have the ability to tell my money where it goes." Melissa M.
What's the average cost of a cost? $1,788 per year, that’s the annual cost if you met with a financial coach once a month for a year. But with Ramsey+, you get unlimited access to group coaching included with your membership.

One all-access membership.

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Home to all the content and tools you
need to get out of debt faster.

Home to all the content and tools you need to get out of debt faster.