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The 2020 Smarty Award Nominees

Congratulations to the 2020 Smarty Award Winners and Nominees! Read this post to learn more about the winners and why they were selected.

Without further ado, your 2020 Smarty Award Nominees:

2020 Company of the Year

  • Veterans United Home Loans – Winner
  • Impact Business Solutions
  • St. Bernard Medical Center

2020 Vision Award

  • American Cancer Society – Winner
  • Answer Midwest
  • Fairwinds Credit Union

2020 HR Hero of the Year for Large Business

  • Angie De Winter, U-Haul – Winner
  • Amy Bates, BCD Travel

2020 HR Hero of the Year for Mid-Sized Business

  • Tiffany Horton, St. Bernard Medical Center – Winner
  • Landon Garner, US Synthetic

2020 HR Hero of the Year for Small Business

  • Chris Dehning, United Prairie Bank – Winner
  • Ryan Kelly, Beaver Coach Sales

Congratulations to everyone on this list! We're honored to serve you and your teams!

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