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Dave Rant: Why Attitude Is (Almost) Everything

We all have areas of our lives we want to change. For you, maybe it’s your marriage, money, career or health. Maybe it’s some combination of these.

Whatever it is, you can absolutely achieve the success you want. But you have to believe in yourself first.

Recently, Dave talked about this during an episode of The Dave Ramsey Show. We liked it so much, we had to write about it! Get ready—you’re about to get the pep talk of your life.

"If you have a clear, step-by-step path that you believe in, you can do almost anything," says Dave. "You can raise children. You can have a great marriage. You can keep your physical body in good condition."

If you have a clear, step-by-step path that you believe in, you can do almost anything.

Does that mean your attitude will be perfect every day? No. Does it mean everything will go exactly how you plan? Probably not. But does it mean you’ll achieve your goal despite setbacks? You bet.

As long as you believe in yourself and give it everything you’ve got, you’ll win.

As long as you believe in yourself and give it everything you’ve got, you’ll win.

Let’s say, for example, you want to pay off your debts. You’ve got a solid plan: the Baby Steps. Now comes the hard part: working them.


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Baby Step 1 is simply saving $1,000. Check. By Baby Step 2, however, you’re feeling the reality of budget cuts, extra jobs and throwing every dollar you can toward Sallie Mae or Visa. You’re having moments when you just want to give up. You want to order a pizza or buy a new pair of shoes or have a weekend away.

It would be easier to go back to "normal" and live out the next five or 10 years with debt payments hanging around your neck.

But that’s when you have to stop and tell yourself, "I can do this!" Say it out loud. Write it on a notecard and hang it on your computer screen. Replay Dave’s video over and over. It may seem cheesy now, but before long, you’ll realize you are doing this. Those loans will start to disappear.

All because you changed your attitude, believed in yourself, and put in the work.

"You’ve got to change your way of looking at things and change the way you do things," says Dave. "I don’t care if you make $23,000 a year or you make $230,000 a year. You can do this."

You’ve got to change your way of looking at things and change the way you do things.

Once you’re out of debt, that’s when the real fun begins—you can turn those payments into investments. Do that for long enough, and you’ll retire a millionaire. That means giving like a millionaire too.

Imagine leaving $100 tips for your struggling waiter or helping a single parent with their kid’s daycare tuition. Imagine doing whatever the heck you want. Because you found a plan that worked, believed in it, and made it happen.

Stop being normal and start saying, "I can do this!" Repeat it until you believe it. Then do something about it, and stick with it for longer than it takes to read this article.

It’ll end up changing you (and everyone around you) for the better. You can do this!



"You can do this." @DaveRamsey



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