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Be a Voice of Hope, No Matter What Subject You Teach

With all the crazy stuff going on in the world right now, it’s more important than ever to make sure students get personal finance education. Many young people already associated money with stress and worry, and now that a lot of them have seen their families struggling to handle financial emergencies in a time of crisis, that anxiety has skyrocketed.

As a teacher, you can be the one to help your students learn how money really works! You already change lives every day, so bringing personal finance into the classroom is just one more way to do that. And believe it or not, you can talk to your students about money no matter what subject you teach! But we know it can be overwhelming to know how and where to start.

And that’s where our Foundations in Personal Finance high school curriculum comes in. It’s designed to give teachers just like you everything they need to navigate any teaching format, save time, and know your teaching will make a difference that lasts a lifetime.

You’ll Get Time and Energy Back

Your time and energy are precious resources that need to be protected at all costs! In our Foundations curriculum, we take away some of the stress of planning and prepping by providing plenty of ready-to-use activities, lesson plans and video content, as well as flexibility for year-long, semester-long or supplemental courses.

And with all the uncertainty of online versus in-person school, our high school Foundations curriculum is available in fully digital and print formats to fit whatever style your students need.

Some more good news? There’s no need to be a math wiz or have a finance degree to teach Foundations (even though those things don’t hurt)! With all the details taken care of and resources to guide you along the way, you’re free to focus on the important connections and conversations with your students.

You’ll Be Supported Every Step of the Way

Let’s face it: Regardless of the subject you teach, nobody should have to be alone when they’re trying to teach teenagers—much less trying to teach them about compound interest! Here are just a few of the ways we support our Foundations teachers.

Curriculum Support

Anytime you’re starting out with a new curriculum, you’re bound to have plenty of questions:

What’s the best content to cover on the first day of class? Where do I go to access the videos? Why do my students care more about TikTok than budgeting? (That won’t be the case by the time they’re done with this class!)

Our team always guides new teachers through the process of getting their class off to a great start, and they’re ready to help with anything throughout the semester.

Professional Development

We also offer professional development to help teachers get more familiar with the curriculum and teach it with confidence and ease. Think freshman orientation, except less awkward and more focused on personal finance. These trainings are available in prerecorded or live formats (so you can ask questions in real time).


Teachers are really good at supporting and encouraging other teachers! That’s why we have an active Facebook group that lets you exchange questions, thoughts, wins and celebrations with Foundations teachers all over the country. When you join the online community, you get access to a wealth of advice and help with the Foundations curriculum (and maybe even some new friends)!

You’re Doing Work That Matters

The world needs hard-working, dedicated teachers like you to make sure young people are prepared to take on whatever their future might bring. After all, everyone has to deal with money no matter who they are or what path they take in life. So it only makes sense to teach students how to manage it wisely. When students actually learn and understand how to make and stick to a budget, build an emergency fund, steer clear of debt, and invest, they’ll be able to avoid common money mistakes before they ever happen! It’s a win-win.


Are you a teacher? Help your students win with money today!

As you continue to crush it this year, know that we’re cheering on all teachers here at Ramsey Education. Thank you for being superheroes for your students every single day and for making a huge impact on their lives. If you want to learn more about how you can change lives through teaching personal finance, check out our Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum.

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