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Do you know someone who’s always stressed about money? Chances are, they just don’t know where it’s going (aka they’re not budgeting). Help them take the guesswork out of managing money with EveryDollar—the zero-based budgeting app that goes anywhere. With easy income and expense tracking, savings goals and customizable categories and line items, EveryDollar will help anyone take control of their money for good. And the premium features—like bank connect, automatic transactions and custom reporting—will help them see how their habits line up with their goals. Help someone say goodbye to money stress and start budgeting with confidence with the EveryDollar gift card!

What's Included?

  • Personalization


    Hey, it’s their budget—and EveryDollar makes it easy to make it their own! They can create, arrange and customize categories and items in a way that makes sense for them. They can set up their first budget in just a few minutes, then change anything they want, whenever they want.

  • Bank Connect

    Bank Connect

    A habit sticks better when the task is easier. That’s what secure bank connection does. Automatic transactions make budgeting even easier—so they can track expenses faster and stay in control of their money.

  • Insights and Reporting

    Insights and Reporting

    Ooh look—pretty charts (that are also helpful!). EveryDollar gives custom reports on spending and income trends. That means they’re always in the know. When they can see where their money is going—and the progress they’ve made—they can plan confidently and make better money choices.

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