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You’ve got the power to change your future—just like Jessica.

This isn’t personal finance as usual.

We don’t teach money like everyone else (aka, the boring, confusing and just plain stupid advice that’s kept you broke). We hang our hats on the proven biblical principles that work for anyone. With FPU, you’ll get:

- Practical lessons, not just a bunch of useless theories

- Simple, straightforward teaching that isn’t way over your head

- Guided steps so you always know what to do next with your money

Our experts don’t just teach this stuff. They’ve lived this stuff.

After going bankrupt, Dave Ramsey turned to the Bible and good old commonsense—and it changed everything. That’s how the plan you’re about to learn was born.

Dave Ramsey
Host of the second-largest talk radio show in America, Dave has helped millions of Americans get out of debt and change their financial futures.

Dave Ramsey

Rachel Cruze
Rachel helps people win with money and live a life they love through her national bestselling books, live events and The Rachel Cruze Show

Rachel Cruze

Dr. John Delony
Dr. John Delony is a mental health and wellness expert. With two PhDs and over two decades of experience in counseling, John helps people navigate tough decisions and find answers to life’s messy questions. 

Dr. John Delony

George Kamel
George helps people spend less, save more, avoid traps, and make better money decisions. He hosts The Fine Print podcast and The EntreLeadership Podcast and frequently cohosts The Ramsey Show

George Kamel

In Financial Peace University, you’ll learn step by step how to:

Master Budgeting

Do you get to the end of the month and have no clue where your money went? Get back in control with a budget.

Save for Emergencies

You don’t have to live in fear of a crisis waiting around the corner. Turn that next emergency into no big deal.

Pay Off Debt

Stop letting debt steal your paycheck and your peace! Learn the fastest method to get rid of it for good.

Invest Wisely

Looking for get-rich-quick? Look elsewhere. We only teach the time-tested ways to build wealth—and keep it.

“Don’t let the world tell you what the rules are!” — Jessica C.

Jessica got duped by the same crap we’ve all heard—that she needed student loans to go to college. And it left her trapped under $1,600 monthly payments. Everyone said that’s just how it is. Deal. With. It.
But she didn’t. She got mad and then went on the attack. Hustled. Picked up extra jobs. Now, 28 months later, she’s free. And her money is just that—hers.

What You Get With Financial Peace University

All Nine Video Lessons of the Course

Stream over eight hours of content and watch anywhere, on any device.

Digital Tools and Calculators

See how your investments will grow, check your insurance coverage, and more.

Fully Editable Digital Workbook

Take notes, print helpful forms, and read deep dives for each lesson.

Three Months of the Premium Version of EveryDollar

If you learn nothing else from FPU, you’ll learn this: You. Have. To. Budget. It’s the key to winning with money! (But don’t worry, we’ll teach you how.) That’s why we want to make sure you have the budgeting tool that works with FPU—so you can reach your goals faster.

Think you have to figure this out alone? Wrong—you don’t.

Join an FPU Class

Need some extra motivation and accountability? Then join a class led by a coordinator and go through FPU with others like you—people who get what you’re facing. No judgment. No shame. Just a group of folks linking arms to get better with money together.

Group Financial Coaching

These guys aren’t just any financial coaches. They were transformed by what we teach—and they work here for one purpose: You. So, bring them your questions. Bring them your worries. Whether you’re stuck or just want to talk something out, you’re in good hands.

FPU classes and unlimited group financial coaching included at no extra cost.

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