Financial Coach Master Training Lessons

The lessons include: 

Essentials of Coaching

  • The Ramsey Solutions coaching process
  • How to get to the root of financial issues
  • Long- and short-term coaching models
  • How to coach different personality styles

Coaching in Crisis

  • How to navigate student loans, bankruptcy and foreclosures
  • How to provide options without emotion
  • How to inject HOPE into a hopeless situation

Life Planning

  • How to protect clients’ futures (insurance, estate planning)
  • How to debunk investment myths (retirement)

Launching Your Practice

  • What to charge, where to meet
  • How to create clients and build your network
  • How to market and message your practice

Bonus Lessons:

The Client Creation Series

  • Mindsets and Limiting Beliefs with Christy Wright 
  • Conversations to Consultations with Tim Mann
  • Consultations: A Deep Dive with Les Nienow
  • Open Discussion with Coaches Who Are Killin’ It Part Time (on Purpose)
  • Open Discussion with Full-Time Coaches
  • You’re on a Mission with Chris Hogan

The Launch Plan

  • Creating Coaching Content
  • Conducting Consultations & Scheduling
  • Building a Network of Professionals

Extra Resources

  • Scheduling Tools
    Schedule clients with ease with one of these simple and affordable scheduling tools.
  • Form Submission Tools
    Get your clients to fill out forms with one of these simple form tools.
  • Payment Tools
    You’ve booked the client. Now learn how to handle payments.
  • Virtual Coaching Tools
    Expand your client base and take your coaching online with one of these video chat tools.
  • Print Material Tools
    Create quality business cards and other print materials to leave a lasting impression with prospects.
  • Email Marketing Tools
    Land new clients and communicate with prospects with one of our go-to email service providers.
  • Online Presence Tools
    Discover the best user-friendly tools for creating a professional-looking and easy-to-maintain website and social media presence.