Smart Saver Bank
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New! Smart Saver Bank

Teaching Kids How to Win With Money!

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The new Smart Saver Bank makes it easy for kids to budget their cash with three compartments labeled Give, Save and Spend. The see-through design lets kids watch their savings grow!

To help kids practice smart money habits, the Smart Saver Bank includes:

  • A durable, transparent bank with three compartments labeled Give, Save and Spend
  • A silicone lid with slots for both coins and bills
  • Three plugs on the bottom so kids can easily withdraw money

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Product Details

Material: Heavy-Duty Plastic with Silicone Top
Includes: Clear plastic bank split into three compartments: for SPEND, SAVE, and GIVE, Silicone top with slots for coins and bills, Three plugs on bottom for easy money retrieval
Target Audience: Ages 6+
Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.7 x 0.4 inches
SKU: 9781942121930OLP

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